✅How to Add a Calendar in Outlook [ Step By Step Guide ]

The best thing about the Microsoft Outlook application is you can customize most of its features includes a default calendar which is used for tracking events, save our meetings, and other activities.

This is set as by default but If you need to separate calendar items according to your desire or into separate areas, you can create your own designed additional Outlook calendar.

This could be more useful for maintaining our routine or task in one calendar for personal activities and a second one is for business prospects. You can share the customized calendar with all your colleague, and employees to track about feature plans, vacation requests, or information about office schedules.

Because if you have an Outlook.com account, Then you can allow people to view entire details in your calendar or limited details which you only want to show about your events, edit events, and delegate permissions.

But you cant share schedules with the email group or in the distribution list. If the user belongs to your organization and has an Outlook account can see this information.

But for the external users, it creates a problem and the standard sharing method does not work as same. Although, you can send an email with a static copy of your agenda to other mail services also.

How to Add a Calendar in Outlook

You can create or access multiple calendars in one Outlook account. Plus you can access other Calendars shared by your friends or you create multiple Calendars using them for your own purpose. So to start the process be ready with this,

If you signed in with a personal Microsoft account when you use Outlook.com. If you make a sign in with a working or school account, then you can use Outlook on the web platform.

  • Launch Outlook app or access it from the web and from the navigation bar access calendar option located at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the calendar section, you have to select the “Folder” tab from the top of the toolbar.
  • After that select the “New Calendar” button in the New section of the toolbar.
  • You can also visit by selecting Calendar >> Add calendar >> Create a new calendar. Then follow the below steps to create a calendar name.
  • Give this calendar a name by Filling the “Name” field with a label for the new calendar.
  • After that choose the “Calendar” option which is found under the “Select where to place the folder” section.
  • Give a Customize look to your calendar with a new color, or by a charm.
  • Hit the “OK” button to add the new calendar from the left side of the main Outlook window.

The calendars and outlook features vary based on your location. After adding a new calendar, go to your calendar list and change the color, add a charm, or rename it according to your business by using the More menu next to the calendar.

To remove a calendar, from your timeline just visit your list of calendars in Outlook and select the More option next to the calendar, here you can Remove any personalized calendar of yours.

How to Add your Personal Calendar in Outlook

You can connect a calendar from your Outlook account to your work or school account. From here we can view and manage the calendar in that personal account if you make a login into your work or school account.

Also, see personal calendar events in your work or school availability in your organization people scheduling events with you using the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook.

  • In Outlook on the web application, go to the Calendar option and choose Add calendar.
  • Select Add personal calendars, option then choose a personal account to add. Enter your account’s important credentials.
  • A next window will pop up with a message that your account is being connected or if any authentic verification is needed of that account they told you about it just follow the instruction.
  • After the connection is complete successfully, you able to see your account has been connected, and now your personal events which you create now affect your work or school availability.
  • Then close that window, and you’ll see your connected account start working in the navigation pane.

After that, if you want to customize your outlook maile, you can go to your calendar list and change the color or also add a charm by using the More menu next to the calendar.

NOTE: Adding a personal calendar doesn’t mean that you get access to email in outlook from your personal account. It adds only when it is done through Outlook on the web.

After adding how to Edit my calendar in outlook

After adding a calendar you can customize it with many options that change the overall look of the outlook mailbox so if you are bored with an old look you could make some changes which are a very handy feature. If you have many calendars you can edit them one by one as your requirement of design.

Just follow this options To edit one of your existing calendars:

  • In Outlook access it from the web version, then open one by one these options Calendar >> Add calendar >>Edit my calendars.
  • Choose the calendar from the list where editing is require
  • If you want to change the name just give it a new name.
  • Customize your calendar with both your favorite color or charm.
  • And Share your calendar in Outlook with anyone or at any particular address as you want.
  • Lastly, Select Save and enjoy the changes.


A calendar is the best activity to manage our daily schedules. And in outlook, people use it for various other advantages such as our schedules to keep track of our own appointments and business plans.

We also utilize it for tracking school events, team schedules, holidays, performance, and other activities. Instead, you can add them directly by adding calendars from schools, professional, TeamSnap, and even television shows to your account rather than adding by yourself.

So this guide is to inform you about How to Add a Calendar in Outlook. I include other topics also which help you after adding a calendar like how to add a personal calendar and how to edit your outlook calendar. So share this useful article with your outlook friends.


Why I can’t see someone’s Outlook calendar?

This might happens due to many reasons to see someone’s free or busy information. Outlook can’t show your free/busy or scheduling information for someone who doesn’t have an outlook account or isn’t part of your organization. You’re creating a meeting in an outlook calendar so you have to add people in your organization after that your employee or friend would access your calendar. And it also depends upon which permission you allow them.

How do I use Outlook 365 calendar?

On the Web version of Office 365 Calendar, you can use it by simply going to the Add calendar option then choose From File. Within a second Microsoft will invite you to Import a calendar.

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