How do you trade to get pets in Pet Simulator X?

get pets in Pet Simulator X: Pet Simulator X, one of the most played Roblox games, is very popular. Trading is a favorite feature of many players. 

Trading is a way to get some of the special events, including unlocking and hatching eggs. Here’s how to trade to get Pet Sim X pets.

How do you trade to get pets in Pet Simulator X?

Pet Sim X offers two options for trading pets. You should hurry if you want to get a specific event-specific pet.

  • Use Trading Plaza.
  • Join Discord.

How to use the Trading Plaza

  • You can find Spawn World at the Trading Plaza.
  • It is located in an area with a lot of eggs. Go up the steps to the right. The gate will be on your right.
  • You can interact with it to find the message “Does this mean you would like to unlock the Trading Plaza for 1,000,000 Diamonds?”
  • Click on Yes to unlock the diamonds if you have enough. If you don’t have enough diamonds, you can wait until you get more. Players with Robux can also purchase it.
  • Once you are inside, search for someone who might have the pet. Ask them for the price via chat.
  • Navigate to the Trading menu and locate the Roblox name. Then, send a trading request. Click on Accept and choose your offer.

Discord Server

Trading with players is dependent on many factors, including luck. What you can do is join the official BIG Games Discord channel to increase your chances of trading.

 This is where you’ll find other players willing to trade pets and have fun. You will see people asking for in-game currency to purchase a pet. If the pet is highly sought after, prices will reflect this.

The steps are easy. All you need to do is authorize your Roblox account via Discord by using the RoVerbot. 

You will need to verify your identity before you can access the server. After doing that, you can view the trading channels and decide what you want to trade for your pet in Pet Sim X.

You can also join other Discord servers made by YouTubers streaming Pet Sim X.