How Destiny 2’s new weapon alters the way you fight

Destiny 2’s new weapon: The new threats coming to The Witch Queen’s new threat in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen means that Guardians need to develop new strategies to stop the threat.

This month, the latest expansion is coming in Destiny 2 later; it introduces something Guardians haven’t seen for years: a new weapon archetype.

The Glaive has been heavily promoted since the release of The Witch Queen expansion. 

It was initially thought to be an Exotic melee weapon. 

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It’s now clear that Glaives are an entirely new type of weapon that is the first time this has been announced since Bows were added to the game during the Forsaken expansion. 

In a recent interview by Game Informer, James Tsai explained the reasons behind why Guardians will receive the new weapon type from taking on Savathun’s Lucent Brood.

The Glaives will provide an entirely new function in Guardians as a medium-to-short-range melee weapon.

 The short-range attacks will have massive thrusts that target enemies who want to be close. There’ll be a powerful damage blast at the medium range targeting a congested group.

Tsai stated in the interview that the Glaive would serve multiple purposes.

 In the offensive, numerous strikes will be accompanied by distinct animations that make it appear more fluid.

 In defence, the Glaive can be utilized to deflect attacks, and it will also increase its power when Guardians take on enemies who are invading.

The Glaive is believed to exist where Guardians must be close to Hive enemies, which Bungie thinks that neither the Fusion Rifles nor Shotguns can effectively deal with.

The Glaive could be a weapon that Guardians utilize in the limited time frame to defeat the Ghosts of the Hive Knights with Light and Wizards.

Checking out one of the most recent Witches Queen Weapons trailers, a specific Glaive will be available for every Guardian class. 

It is expected that the Glaive will be announced together with a brand new first in The Destiny franchise: Weapon Crafting.

 There will be a mission in the campaign that will provide the reason Guardians are now using this new weapon type, along with the reasons they can create their weapon with unique attributes and stats.

There could be an opportunity to resurrect Ada-1 and her forges following the possibility of dropping her stigmas about helping the Guardians in the face of the more significant threat that is emerging.

This brand new weapon archetype and its potential game-play implications are a thrilling new part of this exciting, unique aspect of the Destiny universe.

 Excited about new weapons can be incorporated into the overall excitement about the upcoming game The Witch Queen that led to the 1 million orders for preorders.

 It’s an intriguing concept; however, it all comes down to the execution and how this new weapon type and its potential perks at Legendary or Exotic levels fit with that of the Destiny 2 Sandbox.

Destiny 2 is available across PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with The Witch Queen expansion scheduled to launch next week on the 22nd of February.