How to Get Pet Rock and Mechapup in Adopt Me Roblox?

Pet Rock and Mechapup in Adopt Me Roblox: Adopt Me will bring back the iconic Pet Rock in 2022 with the April Fools update and another pet called Mechapup. In addition, when you adopt the pet, you can keep the pet for life. 

They are also available in mega and neon versions available. So we will quickly look at the steps to obtain the Pet Rock and the Mechapup from Adopt Me in 2022 and their variations.

How to Get Pet Rock and Mechapup in Adopt Me Roblox in 2022

You can purchase the Pet Rock and Mechapup from Adopt Me. Below are the instructions on obtaining these pets.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Choose the character you would like to play, i.e., Baby or Parent.
  3. Following that, you can head for the end of your road.
  4. Then you can cross across the bridge, and on the other side, there is the NPC Burt. You can speak to Burt directly or go directly to the rock pile to his left.
  5. Connect with a pile of rocks pets.
  6. You can purchase a Pet Rock for 350 Bucks when you’ve got enough money. Otherwise, the game will prompt players to purchase Robux to gain more in-game Bucks.
  7. Also, you can see Mechapup to the left side of the Pile of Pet rocks.
  8. If you interact with it, the game will offer you the possibility of purchasing it for 850 Robux.

How to Get the Neon Pet Rock or Neon Mechapup

You can obtain the Neon variations of your pet by fusing them in the Neon Cave.

  1. You can get 4 Pet Rocks or Mechapups and expand them to the maximum extent possible.
  2. Then, go to the Neon Cave and put them in four places.
  3. The two will be combined, and you’ll receive your brand new Neon Pet Rock or Neon Mechapup.

How do you get the Mega Neon Versions of these Pets?

To get the Mega neon variations, you will merge four pet neons from that Mega Neon Pet that you would like to get.

  1. Take 4 Neon Pet Rocks or Neon Mechapups and let them grow ultimately.
  2. And now, head to the Neon Cave and put them in four places precisely as before.
  3.  You’ll merge Them and get the brand new Mega Neon Pet Rock and Mega Neon Mechapup, respectively.

Be aware that this event will only last available for a brief period; therefore, you should grab the animals as soon as possible. 

You’ll need to keep waiting until the team decides whether to return these animals when it’s gone.

This covers everything you need to know about the ways to obtain Pet Rock and Mechapup and the Neon & Mega Neon variants in the Adopt Me’s April Fools Update 2022.