Honor has officially announced its withdrawal from the Indian market

Honor has formally declared its intention to leave the Indian market. However, Zhao Ming, the firm’s CEO, recently said in an interview that the company is going into the area.

The Chinese company said that it had been working in the nation for some time, still had some partners, and even created linked firms there (Via ITHome).

Honor said that although the Indian market has continued to be profitable, the firm intends to implement a very safe method of doing business in the country. The brand’s most recent tweet now occurred on March 29, 2021, during the important Indian holiday of Holi.

The corporation introduced many new products, including laptops, smartwatches, cellphones, and more. But, notably, this revelation comes when the company operates more cautiously.

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Zhao Ming further said that despite the difficulties of a contracting market, the business continues to strive to keep its commitments to its clients.

Along with all of this, he said, the company has no intentions to manufacture automobiles, at least not soon.