Grounded Release Date Finally Announced

Grounded, an open-world action-adventure game by Obsidian Entertainment, debuted in early access in the middle of 2020.

Since then, Obsidian has released several updates for Grounded, first every month and subsequently more often with major content patches.

Obsidian is now prepared to make any necessary adjustments to Grounded before declaring the co-op game to be finished and ready for full immersion.

On September 27, Grounded will make its complete PC and Xbox system debuts.

On Friday, Grounded’s game director Adam Brennecke posted a little video to commemorate the game’s second early access launch anniversary.

Brennecke thanks all of Grounded’s players for playing the game and influencing its course over the last two years in the video.

The period between now and then, which he refers to as the “Home Stretch” of development, is when Grounded will officially be released on September 27. The release date is only one of many exciting things coming together for Grounded.

Obsidian is rolling out its last update to Grounded’s public testing servers to kick off the Home Stretch.

Players of Grounded will enjoy the exciting new features in update 0.14.0. These include the Cookery building, the Gnat pet, the ability to create custom games, and an overhaul of the armour and weapon upgrading system, among other modifications.

Obsidian will nonetheless make use of these last months of early access for the purposes for which they were intended, even if this is only a sample of what the full edition of Grounded will provide.

The creation of a Grounded television program was just confirmed, which is the other news that Brennecke is happy about.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars writer, Brent Friedman, is now adapting the game into an animated TV series. This is thrilling, even if it doesn’t guarantee it will happen since there is still much work to be done.

The entire release of Grounded was first revealed in June. Obsidian acknowledged that Grounded’s 1.0 version was nearing completion and that it would be made available in September.

The Mantis boss, the top yard to explore, the remaining narrative chapters, and a ton of new armour and weaponry are all included in this last big update’s content.

Grounded will be accessible via Xbox Game Pass on PC and console, much like other significant first-party Xbox titles.

This will be the finest chance for anyone who hasn’t played Grounded to see what Obsidian Entertainment has been up to over the previous two years.