Google’s New Noto Emoji Brings Back the Nostalgia of “Blobs”

Google has released a new font called Noto Emoji. This font brings back the simple black and white emojis made in the past. This set of Noto Emojis is meant to make emojis easier to use and easier to understand what’s being said to them. The emojis that show people will make you think of Google‘s famous blobs. Look at this.

Google brings back the idea of simple Emojis.

There are many emojis today that have too much realism and detail. Noto Emojis, try to make this easier. If you remove as much detail from a picture as possible, Google says, “emoji could be more flexible and represent the idea of something rather than just what is in front of you.”

Some are simple “1:1 conversions,” but others need to be changed. There is also a lot of emojis that need to be changed entirely.

Then, the “people emojis” were turned into blobs again. If you used Android before Android 8 Oreo, you know how cute these looked. However, this time, Google has made the blobs in black and white instead of yellow. It is said that Google brought back some of the things that made blobs unique and threw away the ones that didn’t work. Here are some of them.

Adding simple emojis wasn’t easy, especially when it came to flags, Google says, but it was worth it. Google’s blog post says, “You can’t just turn flags into black and white.” When you go to Finland and Sweden, you won’t be able to tell the two places apart. You could change the flags, but that puts them at risk of being wrong. They did this to make sure that everything was okay. They added country codes from the ISO to each flag to do this.

This means that the new Noto Emoji’s colour, size, and weight can be changed and its shape and weight. Google has added dark or light modes to match an OS’s UI and the times. Different grades depend on how big or small you want it to look. You can choose the light grade to make it look small or the bold grade to appear more prominent.

You can download the new Noto Emoji font from here. If you do, let us know what you think in the comments below.