Google Meet Will Remove You From Empty Calls

Google Meet Will Remove You From Empty Calls. 

Google Meet is getting a makeover to make virtual meetings more efficient. For example, when you are the only user remaining in a meeting, the video-calling platform will enable you to quit. 

For example, when you’re the only one in a meeting for five minutes, you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to stay or depart. If you do not react within two minutes, Google will immediately terminate the meeting. 

Google is also centralizing host administration options in the Meet to simplify toggling between menus. 

They’ve all been condensed into one place under the Host controls menu. The controls have already been discovered in several locations.

In a blog post published on Thursday, Google introduced the new Google Meet features. 

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When a user is the only one in a meeting for five minutes, they will receive a prompt message. 

Thanks to the new ” Leave empty call reminders ” function, it will ask if they want to stay or leave the meeting, thanks to the new “Leave empty call reminders” function. 

They will be immediately taken out of the meeting if they do not react within two minutes. According to Google, this feature will help you prevent instances when your audio or video is accidentally shared. 

This functionality is initially available in Google Meet for PC and iOS devices. However, it’s expected to arrive on Android smartphones soon.

For all users, the feature will be enabled by default. However, you may disable it on the Web by doing the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings and then General. 
  2. Switch off ‘Leave empty calls.’ 

On iOS, users may go to the Settings menu, choose the account they wish to turn off the settings for, and then touch the Leave Empty Calls option.

Controls over host administration are also being centralized on the platform. For example, Google Meet host and co-host controls will be grouped under the Host controls menu. 

The update, according to Google, will make managing meeting settings easier by removing the need to jump between menus. Only Google Meet for desktops will receive this update.

Google stated that the Leave empty call reminders are now accessible to all Google Workspace subscribers. Also, accessible for G Suite Basic, Business, and personal Google account users. 

In addition, the update to the host administration menu is now accessible to all users.

The enhancements will begin going out to users on the Rapid Release domains on April 11th. In the next weeks, it will be made available to all users. These changes may take up to 15 days for all users to notice.