Google Discontinues Chrome Lite Data Saving Mode on Android

Google Discontinues Chrome Lite: Google will soon remove a Chrome feature for Android that has helped users reduce their mobile data usage for many years.

Chrome version M100 will be released in March and remove the “Lite mode” feature.

When Google first introduced Lite mode on Android back in 2014, it was called Data Saver.

Mobile speeds in certain regions were slow, so pages loaded faster using Lite mode.

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Many smartphone owners had tiered data plans back then and were subject to additional charges if they exceeded their monthly allowance.

Google introduced the ability to block images in 2015 to reduce data usage ultimately.

Google doesn’t see any reason to continue offering this option. Unlimited data plans are now the norm.

The company claims that Chrome has continued to reduce data usage using default settings.

“In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in mobile data costs in many countries. We’ve shipped many enhancements to Chrome to reduce data usage further and improve Web site loading,” the company stated on a help page.

“Lite mode will be discontinued, but we are committed to ensuring that Chrome can provide a fast mobile webpage loading experience.”

Chrome for Android version M100 is being released to the stable channel on March 29th, so that Lite mode will remain available until then.