How to Get Free Smite Gems [6 Ways + Smite Generator]

Are you looking for some free Smite gems to unlock Gods in the game or purchase some other items? If yes, this post will prove to be really helpful for you. Here, you will find genuine ways to get free Smite gems.

Also, I will explain about every bit of information about the Smite Gems Generators available on the web.

Smite is an addictive Third-person perspective (TPP) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video game published by Hi-Rez Studios. It is available on various platforms like Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and even Xbox One. The game is free to play, but you have an option to purchase money if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Smite is very popular across the globe among the players of different regions, and also has a credible eSports scenario. The highest tier Smite tournament is the Smite World Championship, whose 2019 Edition took place at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, and was won by Splyce eSports. The major credit to this popularity of Smite goes to the attracting gameplay where you use Mythological Gods, Goddesses and other such characters to go into a battle with your team. It also has an impressive PVP mode to play.

What are Gems in Smite?

Gems are the in-game currency of Smite. You can use them to unlock more Gods (characters), skins and other cosmetics in the game to make the gameplay even more interesting. The game provides Gems through various activities like Logging in daily, Participating in promotional events and playing more matches. But still, if you want a lot of gems in a short period of time, you’ll need money to buy them. It takes $4.99 to purchase 200 Smite gems, $7.99 for 400 gems and $99.99 for 8000 gems. It might not be much for some players but still, not everyone can afford these. The methods to get free Smite gems will help you in this situation.

6 Methods to Get Free Smite Gems

There are various direct and indirect methods to get free Gems in Smite. Using these, you can have a higher number of Gems in your account which you can use to unleash the wrath of Premium Gods. Some of the experienced players might already know about certain of these but I’ll list them all considering all kinds of players, including the newbies (noobs).

1. Participate in Hi-Rez Studios Free Smite Gems Promotions

You can visit the High-Rez Studios Free Smite Gems Promotions page and complete the tasks available there to earn some free Smite gems. You can complete surveys and other offers from third-party sponsors like SponsorPay, Peanut Labs, Radium One, etc. For more detailed help, follow these steps in order to learn the process:

Step-1: Visit here: and login with your existing account. You can also sign up for a new account if you wish.

Step-2: Now go to the SponsorPay tab and find all the surveys that have a payout of around 60-70 gems.

Step-3: When you find these, complete the surveys. These surveys are very simple and take less than 10 minutes to complete with a success rate of over 75%.

Step-4: After completing a survey, take a screenshot or screen capture of the survey/task that you completed with your name somewhere visible in it.

Step-5: Next, go to your account and check if you got the promised gems. Usually, you’d get a message saying that the gems will reflect in your account in a certain period of time.

Step-6: But, if you don’t get the gems in the promised time, visit the bottom of the tab and click on Support. You will be redirected to the third-party’s website where you can file a report for not receiving the gems with the screenshot you took earlier.

Step-7: After going through your complaint, they’ll accept your claim and you’ll get the reward in your account in 24 hours.


2. Check Offers from Third-party sponsors

This is a similar method to the first one. Follow these steps to get some free Smite gems:

Step-1: Visit the same URL: and login with your existing account.

Step-2: Now find and check out all links that offer 1-2 gems on Peanut labs, SponsorPay, and Radium One. Generally, these offers only take about 30 seconds of your time and is a good way to earn free Smite gems.

Step-3: After checking the links, go back to your Smite account and check if you got the gems.


3. Use Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire is a good platform to earn free Smite gems by doing simple tasks and watching ads. You can also win some other prizes like Amazon vouchers, PayPal cash, BitCoins, etc. Follow these steps in order to know how to:

Step-1: Visit Idle-Empire and sign up for an account. If you already have an account, log in using your details.

Step-2: Now complete the tasks like paid surveys, watching videos and playing games available for you and earn points.

Step-3: After you earn enough points, you can redeem for Smite Gems. They’ll deliver the gems to your account in 24 hours. You can also redeem other rewards like PayPal cash and then use it to purchase gems or any other thing you wish.

That’s it.

4. Use Survey apps to Earn Money and Buy Smite Gems

There are many money-making apps available on the internet. You can use these apps to earn some quick money to spend on Smite Gems. You just have to complete the tasks that they assign to you like surveys, downloading apps, lucky spins, and games. Some examples of these are LifePointsSurvey Junkie, Vindale Research, etc.

5. Open Blue Mixer Chests

You can open the Blue Mixer Chests in order to get some free Smite gems. There are blue and white-colored mixer chests in Smite. The colors define the rarity of the chest. White chests will give you a low amount of FP and have a small chance to give a lot of FP. Blue Chest will you a bit more FP, but if you are lucky enough, you can get gems and skins. When there is a Smite Pro League game, there are Reddit threads like this made which will provide you with codes.

You just have to check that thread about every 45 minutes and redeem the codes you can grab. You can get a high number of FP using this method and also around 200-300 gems using this method if you are passionate enough.

Quick Tip: Follow threads from  Reddit and other such forums that are linked with Smite. Using these, you can always stay updated on how you can get more and more gems during any event, offers or special games.

6. Mine Smite Free Gems on Gamerhash

You can use to get free gems in Smite using your graphics card. Follow these steps if you want to know more about this:

Step-1: Visit and sign up for an account if you don’t already have one.

Step-2: Now use your graphics card to mine cryptocurrency on Gamerhash, complete the offers available on the app and also refer it to your friends to earn points.

Step-3: Now use these points to buy Smite gems from Gamerhash.


Are Free Smite Gems Generators legit?

The answer to this question is a big NO. The Smite gems generators available on the internet claiming to generate free gems for you are fake and a scam. None of them is legit, and can actually generate even a single gem for you.

In fact, nothing like a  smite gem generator exists. They are just there to steal your personal information like the email address, mobile number, etc. And, also want you to download apps or fill out surveys in the name of ‘Human Verification.’ The apps or the pages you visit that are related to these smite generators often contain adware and spyware. So, I’d strongly recommend that you never fall into their trap and never use any Smite gems generators.


So, there are many genuine ways to earn gems without spending money on Smite. Apart from these, you can also participate in giveaways and contests to get gems, or you can ask your friend for some spare Smite gems codes. However, never fall in the trap of Smite gems generators. For any queries or suggestions, you can contact me using the Comment box.