How To Delete Photos From Google Photos

Google, Facebook, and Instagram are the fantastic photo sharing apps for sharing and storing your pictures. Is your system is running out of space? So now it’s time to delete or free up your space without actually losing the system.  Maybe there are several reasons why you want to delete photos and videos.

From time to time Google photos has become one of the most interesting things in android device, now you can access all your awesome photos anywhere and everywhere on your system  that’s really  cool it isn’t

You’re Google Photos and Your Privacy

This photo sharing app is very much free for sharing photos and videos which also gives you unlimited space and automatic file backup system.  This awesome photo sharing app comes with a service that enables you to share lovely memories on the web. If you are using Google photo sharing app then you need to check your privacy and security. Hence the Google asks you permission before using your content.

Your Photos at Google are Safe?

Yes they are safe; the most secure service for sharing and storing images and videos is Google photos moreover, you may have some doubts like

Sharing my personal Information with Google photos do I need to trust Google or not?

Maybe if you want to give up some internet privacy for your added media storage.

Do you want to delete photos from your Android device (Backup Too?)

Thus this option will allow you to remove images from your Android device while you could keep copies in your Google photos library.

So now you need to follow some steps in order to delete your Google photos from your mobile/computer device

1)    Tap your device and open your Google photos app

2)    Click on settings and backup and sync

3)    On backup and sync

4)    Now return to the main screen app. Wait for the files to be getting back up, if you are photos are not yet uploaded.

5)    Just tap on the menu bar and also tap on setting and thereafter free up device storage

6)    If you want to access the deleted copies then you need to go to the photos section of the app

Google Accounts: Want To Delete Photos From Your Device and Google Accounts

This option enables you to delete images from your Google photos account or any other device that sync to your google account (Photo Library).  Therefore, thus if really looking to delete photos from your android device and also you want to maintain a copy of your data, then you got to follow the below step shown and do according to the given steps to get the desired result.

1)    On your phone and open your Google photos app

2)    Now tap on your menu bar and go to settings >back up and sync

3)    You got to pick back up and sync ON

4)    Turn on  the switch if you want to be having the backup and sync ON

5)    Click on Square box blue color to delete the file.

How To Restore Deleted Google Photos in Your Android Device

Maybe unknowingly you might delete some images and you want to get them back, don’t worry here is the way to get your data back. Within 60 days time, you can recover your photos, videos, images.  Here are some steps to recover your photos, videos without losing a data.

1)    Turn on your device and open your Google photos app

2)    Click on the menu go to trash deleted photos will appear

3)    Just tap on the photos that you really want to restore and now press on the restore button

Note:  Since the number of days is more than 60 then there will not be having any possibility to restore your photos and videos, so be careful before deleting anything.

Using third-party Software You Can Recover Your Photos and Videos From  Android device.

There are more to recover the lost data, so for that, you can also  use third-party software  to restore your data thus we request you to follow the below-given steps and restore your lost data easily

1)    Open the  Google Chrome  and download the third party software called wondershare  with the link given below

2)    Now  Install the third party software application called wonder share on your Android device

3)    Open the wondershare app and search for phone rescue option which will allow you to recover all your lost data like the number of media files like photos, videos.

4)    One specialty of this app is that it can repair your android device with latest android update version.

By doing few things protect your internet privacy

You might be thinking that what else that need to improve internet privacy, Thus the below steps are shown to help you

Try to use express VPN: Before using that you need to pause the Google web and apps so that history prevents Google from gathering your information (data) about you, and also it does not prevent your ISP from tracking you from your online activity, Likewise your information might be shared with MNC corporation and governments.

Tor Browser can be used to hide online privacy:  Tor is an excellent Brower for maintaining your web privacy.  Tor Browser has a special feature which your location and all your online activities. It is very difficult to trace you on the web. This browser is one of the most privacy maintaining browser.

Understanding the Google Photos Assistant

Google photos assistant: what it can do for you like whether if you want to check backup photos and more the creation of Google photos is such that this awesome app made for you.

First time when you open Google photos and there is a pop-up coming up to show you about the Google assistant. While opening photos you find the menu in the slide-in left panel of the photos app these will assist you to operate all the features of Google app.


Here is all about the Google photos we hope you enjoyed this article.