How to Get Free PUBG Mobile UC?

Are you looking for ways to get free UC in your PUBG Mobile account in order to purchase the Royal Pass or your favorite Gun skin? Here, I will explain all the genuine methods about how you can get free UC in PUBG Mobile. Additionally, I will tell you about the free UC Generators that you find on the web and how they are merely a scam.


7+ Methods to Get Free PUBG UC in 2020

PUBG Mobile is an online, multiplayer, battle royal game that boomed to instant success due to its addictive battle royale gameplay and beautiful graphics. UC or Unknown Cash is the currency of PUBG Mobile. You have to spend real money in order to get UC in-game. 60 UC costs around One USD. The bigger UC pack you chose to purchase, the more you’ll get benefits. UC is used in the game to buy the Royal Pass (Season 11 Royal Pass is Lit), Costumes, Gun skins and other skins like backpack skins, helmet skins, etc, and open crates (Classic/Premium/Supply/Royal Pass Crates).

Buying a Royal Pass and having many beautiful gun skins is often the dream of PUBG Players. However, the majority of the PUBG Mobile players are kids or teens who don’t have a regular source of income. That’s why they have to rely on their guardians to get money to spend. But these 8 methods can prove to be their savior. You can use these to get free UC in PUBG Mobile and get the skins of your dreams. So, you can also flex like your rich friends.

1. Participate in Giveaways

If you are rich in luck, you can participate in giveaways organized by Youtubers, Streamers, PUBG Mobile Content Creators, Players, and other related individuals and organizations. You can follow players and streamers who organize UC Giveaways or Royal Pass Giveaways on a regular basis on Youtube, Discord, Instagram, Nimo TV and any other platform where they are active.

Some popular YouTubers who organize UC Giveaways regularly are Classified YT, MrCyberSquad, Villager eSports, etc. There are literally thousands of players and streamers who organize such giveaways. Most of the Royal Pass giveaways happen during the first week of every Royal Pass season. While the free UC giveaways continue throughout.

2. Participate in Tournaments and Custom  Rooms

There are many tournaments, contests, and custom rooms organized daily by Youtubers, PUBG Mobiles players and apps where you can win UC as a prize. YouTubers often hold subscriber games where they reward the winner with free UC. If you have the skills and the team to shine in such tourneys, you can win lots and lots of Unknown Cash. Just keep following the people who organize such regular tournaments and custom rooms on their Youtube, Instagram, Discord. One good example is Marcos Gaming.

One tip is that you can follow as many PUBG Mobile players on Instagram as you can. So, you’ll be updated with all the prized tourneys and custom rooms whenever they promote any. Another way is to download apps like PlayerZon, MPL, etc. Make sure that only use the apps that have legit reviews. You can win matches on such apps and earn money which you can spend to buy UC in PUBG Mobile.

3. Play Bonus Challenge

There is an in-game option in PUBG Mobile known as Bonus Challenge. You can play the Bonus Challenge to win Bonus coins which you can redeem for free UC Packs. Remember that you will need some UC in your account first to be able to play the Bonus challenge. There is also an option to bet bonus coins to win more coins, or you can win the bonus challenge matches to win coins. You also get bonus coins when you watch ads but it is a really slow method to earn coins.

I personally use this method to increase the number of UC in my account. All you need is some UC, skills, and teamwork.

4. Use Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an amazing app from Google which rewards with money in your Google Play account for simple surveys. You can download and install the Google Opinion Rewards app from Play Store. Log in with your genuine Google account and complete the setup process. Then start doing as many surveys you get to earn more money. When you have enough money in your Google Play account, you can use it to purchase UC in PUBG Mobile.

Some tips to remember when using this method are as follows-

  • Always turn the GPS of your device ON wherever you go.
  • Take some time to complete the surveys.
  • Give genuine responses to the surveys.
  • Visit more public places, showrooms, and restaurants.

This is a slow but steady method to gain free UC in your PUBG Mobile account.

5. Use Refer and Earn Apps

There are many refer and earn apps available on the Play Store which you can use to earn money. You can use this money to buy UC in your PUBG Mobile account. One Indian app which is currently paying 300 INR per referral is HELO. You can download and install it, and then start referring your family members or friends to earn enough money to purchase UC in PUBG Mobile.

Also, if you don’t even want to refer friends on this app, I can help you to earn some UC just by registering on the app using my referral link.

6. Use Money Making Apps

There are several money-making apps available on the web like Vindale Research, SurveyJunkie, LifePoints, Inbox Dollar, etc which you can use to earn money. You just have to register on this app and start completing various tasks like surveys, watching videos, daily spins, etc. You can complete as many tasks as you find to earn more points. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for PayPal vouchers. Then you can use PayPal money to purchase UC in PUBG Mobile.

7. Save Money and Purchase a Subscription

PUBG Mobiles offers two types of monthly subscriptions, Prime and Prime Plus. Prime subscription costs 85 INR which gives 150 UC in total while Prime Plus costs 850 INR and gives 900 UC. Both the subscriptions come with other added rewards with the Prime Plus having an edge over. Purchasing a subscription is actually more beneficial than directly purchasing UC. For example, you’ll get only 60 UC for 80 INR but for 85 INR you can get 150 UC with the Prime subscription.

The only drawback of having a subscription is that you’ll have to wait for a month to collect all the free UC. Also, if you purchase a Prime Plus subscription, you can buy the Royal Pass and complete the RP Missions. You will get UC in RP rewards in order to save and purchase the RP again.

8. Demand it as a gift from your friends or close ones

If it is your birthday, or Christmas or any other occasion where your loved ones are looking to give you a present, just let them know that you want UC as your gift. You can also ask for money and save it up to spend on PUBG Mobile. It all depends on you. Also, you can ask your friends for any spare Google play gift cards.

Is PUBG UC Generator Genuine?

NO! Any website claiming to give you free UC or any generator you see online offering UC for free is none less than a scam and fraud. They are just a method to get your personal details like email address, contact number, IP Address, etc and make you complete tasks for free in the name of ‘Human verification.’ Often, such UC Generators contain malware, spyware or adware and may harm your device on a long term basis. Don’t fall for such traps.

Should I give my PUBG Mobile Account to some claiming to give free UC?

NO and NEVER. Don’t ever give your PUBG Mobile account to anyone whom you don’t trust as they may steal your account. Also, keep your account safe from phishing websites and apps. None of the legit websites which are able to give UC will ask for your username and password. All the UC transactions are now possible only using the 10-Digit PUBG Mobile-ID.


So, these were all the ways through which you can get some free UC in PUBG Mobile. I hope you liked the post and this helps you to be able to get that M416 Glacier skin or the Rockstar AKM skin you have always dreamt about. Just use these and get UC to give your character some real good looks. Also, stay safe from the generators or scammers who are looking to steal your account. One more thing to remember is to never purchase UC from the unauthorized medium as this may result in getting your account hacked or banned.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to listen.


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