Flipkart launches “Sell Back Program” in India.

Sell Back Program: Flipkart has announced a needed “Sell back Program” available in India for users of smartphones to sell their phones quickly. 

The company that Walmart owns has launched the program across India to cut down on the amount of e-waste produced by used phones and assist people in selling their smartphones regardless of model. 

Here’s how to sell your phone using Flipkart’s latest Sell Back Program.

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Flipkart “Sell Back Programme” The announcement was made in India.

Through an official press announcement, Flipkart has revealed its program lets users sell their phones, be that an Apple device or a Lava device, through Flipkart and receive Flipkart Electronic Gift Vouchers in exchange. 

The gift vouchers will then be used to buy any item through the online marketplace or to deduct the voucher amount from the cost of a particular item.

 Flipkart declares they have a Sell Back Program that is valid for all smartphones, whether purchased through Flipkart or not.

Flipkart’s brand new Sell Back Program in India was launched following the company’s recently acquired company that deals in re-commerce known as Yaantra.

The company is focused on re-commerce and offers access to high-quality phones refurbished for customers.

Flipkart has cited in an IDC research report which suggests that of the 125 million (approx.) smartphone users in India, just 20 million make it to the market for refurbished smartphones. 

Around 85% of phones that are used go to the trash, which increases the amount of E-waste that is disposed of in the ecosystem. 

This program is designed to tackle the issue and offer users an effective platform to trade in their devices and receive a fair buy-back price.

How do you sell your old used smartphone on Flipkart?

Follow the instructions below if you’d like to benefit from the brand-new Flipkart Sell Back Program. 

But, before you move on, we should note that this feature is at present only accessible to users of only the Flipkart iOS as well as the Android application.

 Therefore, we suggest downloading or updating the Flipkart application on your device to use this feature.

 Once that’s in mind, we’ll get to the steps.

  • Start your Flipkart application on your phone. Click the drawer icon on the navigation bar. You’ll see a brand-new “Sell Return” option here.
  • Click on this to launch it to open the “Sell back Program” screen on your mobile. There, click”Sell Now” or the “Sell now” option (any one of them) to start the process.
  • Now, you must answer the three questions which require you to reveal the phone’s model, IMEI number, and whether it turns on to confirm.
  • Choose your location and accept the conditions and terms. You will be able to see the worth of your smartphone on the top.
  • Then wait for Flipkart to dispatch its executive to collect your phone. The phone is anticipated to be collected within 48 hours, and the voucher will be given within a few hours after the confirmation.

In this way, you could quickly sell your old phone through Flipkart and use the amount in a new phone or other items on Flipkart.

It is reported that the Flipkart Sell Back Program is currently in operation in 1,700 pin codes across the cities of Delhi, Kolkata, and Patna.

 We anticipate it will be available in these cities, and many more, shortly.

 As mentioned earlier, it was not accessible in my area when I wrote this article.

Additionally, the company announced that it would increase its Sell Back Programme for other categories of products later this year.

Therefore, you may be able to sell your used electronic devices like your used headsets, Bluetooth speaker, as well as other items on Flipkart very soon.