When is Path of Exile 3.19 Coming Out

The most recent Sentinel League for Path of Exile is now in its closing phases. 

The Sentinel Stalkers, the most recent addition to the expansion, have proven to be highly popular. 

Players are anticipating Patch 3.19, which will launch a new League for the game with just under a month left in the current League. 

Exiles are now unsure of the precise date of the release of Path of Exile 3.19.

When will Path of Exile 3.19 be available?

August 19, 2022, is the scheduled release date for PoE 3.19. The devs indicated that the Sentinel League would expire on the 16th; therefore, this plan aligns with the existing timeline. 

These only target dates; the actual release may occur at a different time. Any problem that develops before the launch might cause the release to be delayed by a week. 

However, since the initial launch date was on August 12, the buffer week has already been spent.

Gamers may rest confident that the next League will be published in August even if the formal launch is delayed since Grinding Gear reiterates that it will still happen around the same time. 

A week before the planned release date, players will learn more about whether the update will arrive on schedule or not.

On August 11, the anticipated Livestream announcement will take place. 

The webcast will go through what participants may anticipate from the next League. 

With little knowledge about the significant upgrade, many fans eagerly anticipate the actual patch notes.

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What will be in Path of Exile 3.19?

PoE 3.19 is anticipated to include the new challenge League and several other modifications when Sentinel ends. Regarding the next expansion, there are no more specifics. 

The subsequent League will fix concerns where Sentinel failed, which will please supporters.

Players were informed that 3.19 would include various in-game balances despite the lack of detailed information regarding the next expansion. 

Many players criticized Sentinel for its balance updates, which were intended to fix various game difficulties. 

The next League will have a wider range of adjustments, so exiles are in for a treat. 

Unfortunately, this is the only information that is currently available for Path of Exile 3.19.

Common League Schedule

Sentinel was first introduced in May 2022. Its anticipated closure date of August 16 is in line with GGG’s standard procedure for its schedules. 

Each League lasts three months before being replaced with a more recent expansion. 

The release of Path of Exile 3.19 will most likely occur in November and will follow a similar schedule.

Players still have time to enjoy the last moments of Sentinel while they wait for further information regarding 3.19. 

The current League has a lot of end-game material still to discover. Before it is replaced, gamers should make use of it the most.