Roblox Password Guessing – Common List, Tips and Tricks

Roblox Password Guessing is a well-known technique used by the users to either recover their account or gain unauthorized access. It has been a pretty controversial topic on Roblox. If you want to know more about it, this post is specially written for you. Here, I will tell you everything that you should know about it.

Additionally, I will also explain to you the ways to prevent ‘Roblox Password Guessing’ on your Roblox account. So, you can keep your account safe from the attackers.

What is Roblox Password Guessing?

Roblox is a widely popular online game creation and playing platform. It is the largest user-generated online gaming platform with over 115 million+ monthly active users. This huge popularity and user-base of Roblox have also attracted certain bad elements towards it. Roblox Password Guessing is a common technique used by them to gain access of someone else’s account. Password Guessing is the process of recovering passwords from a set of data. This data is either stored or transmitted by a computer. This technique is also known as “PG-ing.”

A common way to do this is to try guesses continuously for the passwords and until it is verified against the cryptographic hash of the password. This method is known as Brute-forcing. There are several techniques that are used for password guessing that we’ll discuss later.

What is the purpose of Password Guessing (PG-ing)?

There are two common purposes of Password Guessing or PG-ing-

  • To help a user recover a forgotten password.
  • To gain unauthorized access to someones else’s account.

On Roblox, password guessing is generally used to acquire accounts that do not belong to the guesser. Some people who are looking for shortcuts try to hijack accounts of popular creators and other players to steal their Roblox items, to revamp it, or even get it banned. PG-ing is a prohibited act under Roblox’s Community Guidelines. Roblox can ban an account if it is found to be tried for ‘password guessing’ by other users.

If someone logs into an inactive Roblox account, the person will have to prove that they are the original owners by verifying their identity, or else Roblox will delete it. This has been a controversial topic. To counter PG-ing, Roblox has even introduced ‘two-factor authentication’ for users.

Who are the common targets of Roblox Password Guessing?

Password Guessing has been on Roblox for a very long time. In 2016, a player gained unauthorized access to a testing site that contained limited user information. So, Roblox prompted accounts created in or before 2012 to change their passwords for security purposes. PG-ers usually attack a similar set of users. Let’s take a look at their common targets.

  • YouTubers who are popular.
  • Users in Roblox Video Stars Program.

  • Popular clothing designers.
  • Roblox admins.
  • Well-known game developers with front pages or successful games.

  • Popular Roblox group owners.
  • Older users.
  • Users with special ID numbers.
  • Users with a lot of rare items.

These are some of the common targets of attackers. However, any account can be vulnerable on Roblox due to various reasons. That’s why it is advisable to have a strong password. And, follow password guessing prevention measures.

How is Password Guessing Done?

As I mentioned above, the major principle behind password guessing is brute-forcing. Let’s take a look at some of the common methods that the attackers use to guess passwords.

Phishing- It is a well-known method to get the user unknowingly tell you their password. Attackers generally use emails or messages for this. The emails or messages look like real websites but contain phishing links. Innocent people believe them and enter sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, etc. As soon as they proceed, the attacker gets all the information.

Social Engineering– It is a simple way where the attacker goes through the victim’s social networking profiles and collects all important information. This information includes their email address, date of birth, partner’s name, pets, etc. Then, they use this information to guess the password. Attackers use tools like Rainbow table, Dictionary attack software, etc for this method.

Malware/Spyware– It is a technical and more advanced method that attackers use to steal passwords. Skilled hackers create malware or spyware and inject them to the user’s systems. They do this using malicious links, files, or software. The malware then gains the user’s sensitive information and send them to the attackers.

These are some of the common methods that attackers use to guess passwords.

Common Passwords on Roblox in 2020

Whenever hackers or attackers successfully crack a password, they publish it on the internet. So, other attackers can also try it. Here is a list of some common passwords that Roblox users keep. Make sure that you DON’T use any of these as your password. Even if you have it, visit Roblox, and change it right now.

  • 12345678
  •  new123456
  • passwordless
  • dragonballz
  • 1231234
  • funky
  • baseballs
  • abc123
  • tiger
  • letmego
  • 969696
  • meltdown
  • opmaster
  • 999999
  • zxcvbnm
  • asdfgh
  • hunter
  • buster
  • soccer
  • harley
  • batman
  • andrew
  • powerranger
  • thesimpson
  • ginger
  • princess
  • cheese
  • amanda
  • losangeles
  • justin
  • matrix
  • secretpass
  • dallas
  • austin
  • joshua
  • justyouandme
  • gotohere
  • yomommy
  • gamegirl
  • freedom
  • 777777
  • 159753
  • klaster
  • 112233
  • shadowless
  • mastermind
  • 166166166
  • courageous
  • 12c33c21
  • mustangwill
  • playsafe
  • michaeljack
  • crudewords
  • george
  • asshole
  • computer
  • michelle
  • jessica
  • peppersalt
  • president
  • starwars
  • love
  • winter
  • hollywood
  • tigger
  • sunshine
  • iloveyou

Never use any of these as your Roblox password.

How to Prevent Roblox Password Guessing to Keep an Account Safe?

Attackers can aim at any Roblox user. So, if you want to stay safe from Roblox password guessing from attackers, always use a very strong password. Additionally, keep following these safety and prevention measures strictly to keep your account safe at all times.

  • Verify your email with Roblox.
  • Avoid having patterns in your password or using any of the common passwords listed above.
  • Don’t make your password using general information like your email address, D.O.B, partner’s name, pet’s name, kid’s name, etc.
  • Enable account PIN for Roblox.

  • Try to make a long-phrase and use its abbreviation as the password. For example, Shedletsky eats fried chicken every day. Yum Yum! can be written as “sefcedyy”
  • Use tools like “How Secure Is My Password” to know about the strength of your password. If you have a weaker password, change it ASAP.

  • Keep your Roblox password different from other social networking platforms.
  • Download Roblox extensions only when you know they are legit.
  • Don’t share your Roblox password with anyone.
  • Use a good password manager to use and never lose a strong password.

These are the general measures to keep your account safe from attackers. Don’t ignore them. Follow them properly.

Final Verdict

Roblox Password Guessing is a common trick that attackers use to gain access to someone else’s account. This is everything that you should know about it. If you want to know anything else, you can ask me in the comments. This is how you prevent PG-ing and keep your account safe. Using a strong password and frequently changing it is the best way to stay safe.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful.