New Update for Fallout 76 Coming on July 26

At first, Fallout 76 did not garner a lot of positive reviews. It would have caused enough controversy just by being a single-player RPG brand with a dedicated multiplayer game.

Some of the game’s other design choices didn’t win over many Fallout aficionados either. Early PVP was famously uneven and unrewarding, Bethesda’s choice to exclude human NPCs was often criticized, and many Fallout fans were dissatisfied with Fallout 76’s alterations to the existing storyline.

Bethesda persisted in developing Fallout 76 despite its poor debut, adding additional content and making other improvements.

These include the addition of NPCs, Daily Operations, and the battle royale mode for Nuclear Winter. The update for Bethesda’s pseudo-MMO on Tuesday won’t be all that significant, but it will include numerous much-needed changes.

Bethesda has not yet released the complete patch notes for the July 26 update to Fallout 76. The developer’s statement, however, made it clear that this time around, bug patches would take precedence over adding new Fallout 76 content.

Addressing problems that lower Energy Weapon Durability is one of the planned remedies. Additionally, the patch will guarantee that players get the appropriate Meat Week Rewards and prevent the Super Mutant chef Grahm from straying during his Meat Cook. Over the following weeks, players will also discover additional products in the Atom store.

The new update’s drawback is that Fallout 76 will be unavailable for many hours on July 26, beginning at 10:00 AM Eastern/7:00 AM Pacific.

According to the release, Bethesda typically aims to keep downtime under two or three hours. However, the maintenance on Tuesday can go on for a long time.

According to developers, the Fallout 76 team intends to practice several server-side enhancements. To do this, the game must be turned off for an upcoming time frame.

To be notified when Fallout 76 is back online, it is advised that players sign up for the official Bethesda Studios Discord.

Bethesda’s blog post on Tuesday included information on the patch and the forthcoming Expeditions: The Pitt upgrade for Fallout 76. Logging onto the Public Test Server for Fallout 76 will allow Steam users to access the beta version.

At The Responder’s Whitespring Refuge location, the first two Missions and Daily Quests and Rewards are now accessible. Players may also comment on the beta and be the first to get a brand-new C.A.M.P pennant with a Pitt theme.

The blog post also noted a significant in-game sale that starts today. Players of Fallout 76 may save 25% at the Rusty Pick in the Ash Heap while purchasing Legendary Weapons and Armor from Purveyor Murmrgh.

Gamers may locate Minerva in The Crater, Fort Atlas, or Foundation to use her expanded inventory. The July 25 deadline for both deals is 12:00 PM Eastern/9:00 AM Pacific.