How to Level Up Villagers to Master Level in Minecraft

Level Up Villagers to Master Level in Minecraft: Minecraft is about making a world out of blocks, but there are many other things you can do with your time. This includes making different food recipes, fighting mobs, and trading with villagers and other people who come and go. 

When we talk about trading, it is one of the most essential parts of the game because it is the easiest way to get items. These people and traders have different trading levels that increase with each deal they make.

 It’s not clear, though, if there’s a way to raise them to master level. Yes! So, here’s our guide on how to level up villagers in Minecraft to become master level.

How to Level up Villagers to Master Level in Minecraft?

Each village has an XP level, which increases with each trade. Each villager has five levels. On the trading menu, you can see their levels and their badges. Below are the levels of all the villagers:

  • Novice: Start (0-9XP)
  • Apprentice: Above 10 XP
  • Journeyman: Above 70 XP
  • Experts above 150 XP
  • Master: More than 250 XP

The more you exchange with villages, the greater their XP. Trade is the best way to get the villager to master level. These villagers have a designated profession. These professions are assigned according to their job site blocks

The best villagers for quick emeralds are the Stonemasons and Librarians. You can earn popularity points by leveling up your villagers. These popularity points can be scaled from -30 points to +30 points. If you have high popularity, trade prices will decrease.