How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

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Email marketing has been identified as a valid and reliable way to connect with customers. Even though there are other ways of marketing products and services, people still use emails as a common way of targeting potential and existing customers. It has been seen that the effectiveness of email mailing lists deteriorates over time as some customers drop off and don’t respond to campaigns. You can draw signature to individualize your marketing efforts and keep on updating your email marketing lists with new customers. We will show you some effective ways to grow your email marketing list in this article.

12 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Here are 12 tried and tested ways that you can use to increase the number of email contacts for promoting your products and services.

1. Upload interesting and informative content.

It’s a good strategy to create and upload content that makes for an interesting read. Customers like to be informed of the latest news about your firm, how it impacts the goods and services that they buy, and the developments within your industry. You can create the image of a knowledgeable firm within the industry and readers will look forward to your emails.

2. Create separate lists for different buyer personas.

A buyer persona is an outline of criteria that defines your customer base for different products. They all have different lifestyles and different reasons to buy your product. Some may just be aware of your firm. Others may know your brands but not be convinced to buy them. You will get better results when you do this and send them different marketing messages.

3. Add an email link to sales and marketing emails.

You can create a more cohesive marketing campaign when you add an opt-in link for all marketing emails sent by your employees. You can add up the list of subscribers and referrals and see how much they contribute to increasing your email list.

4. Create new offers to generate leads.

You can use one of the oldest strategies in the book by offering a free industry report or ebook that relates to consumer interests. If you include it in a link that asks people to give their names and email addresses, it can serve to increase your mailing list rather quickly.

5. Create additional content.

Sometimes, you have to play it smart. Offer visitors free content of interest to general readers. Then give more specific details on a landing page that readers get access to by subscribing to an email list. This way you won’t appear too pushy at the outset.

6. Ask subscribers to forward your email content.

If you include a link like Email to a Friend, it will encourage your subscribers to send the emails to friends and relatives who could have an interest in your products and services. You can include a button that allows them to subscribe as well, increasing your email list.

7. Reinvigorate an old email list.

You can improve your response rate by adding a choice to opt-in to future emails from your present customers. Just remove all the contacts that don’t respond by a given cutoff date. In this way, you will know which customers are still interested in your email campaigns and can engage with them only, rather than wasting your time on unproductive contacts.

8. Promote an online contest.

You can create an online contest on social media by offering free gifts to all who enter. Interested parties have to register and fill in their email addresses to sign up.

9. Add an email button to your business page.

If you add an email button to your business page, it is quite likely that subscribers will contact you for further information and customer support. It may also give them space to write about issues they are facing that need to be resolved.

10. Ask for feedback from website visitors.

If you include a form that encourages viewers to comment on their experiences, they may be more inclined to contact you. You can ask them to include their email addresses so that you can write back to them.

11. Create a blog that needs a reader subscription.

Blog posts are an excellent way to get readers interested in you and your brands. You can ask visitors to subscribe to your blog email list to get access to your blog site. It is also a good SEO ranking strategy because it can increase your rankings on search pages.

12. Become a guest blogger.

Becoming a guest blogger will help give you recognition and respect in your community as well as in the business world. It will also give you access to a wider audience. You can ask new readers to subscribe to your mailing list if they find your blogs interesting.

How Email Signatures Can Increase Your Mailing List Effectiveness

Using email signatures is an easy way to stand out among others. People who do not include these details in their signature lines will lose out on marketing campaigns. It is quite easy for customers to remember whose emails mattered to them the most because the message contained your specific name or the name of your company.

Using the Artlogo signature program, you can draw your signature and use it for marketing campaigns and other communication messages. You have a choice of different fonts and colors that you can use to further individualize your efforts. You can use a stylus or mouse to draw your email signature and then save it in PNG format. You may have to resize your signature before you use it on documents. If you want your signatures to create the greatest impact, please contact one of Artlogo’s professional signature artists to help design a unique signature for you.


You can grow your email marketing lists by following the strategies mentioned above. This will help you continue with your marketing efforts, expanding your outreach, building customer awareness, and encouraging customer loyalty. You may also get email addresses in writing by organizing a seminar in person that requires all participants to write this information prior to attending the event.