Epic Games Store Update Improves Achievements

Since its introduction in 2018, the Epic Games Store has advanced significantly. The Epic Games Store now is significantly more comprehensive than it was when it was first released, but development has been gradual since Epic Games releases things at a rate that few people are happy with.

An achievement system, which gamers strongly cherish, is one of the important elements that Epic Games has incorporated. And now, more than six months later, Epic Games is adding even more capability to the EGS Achievement system.

The Epic Games Store’s achievement system was pretty basic when it was first introduced in late 2021.

It made it possible for game designers to include accomplishments in their creations and allow players to obtain those achievements and unlock them permanently for later perusal on a user’s profile.

A corresponding trophy and XP value accompanied every accomplishment. However, the system didn’t have any means of filtering accomplishments or a mechanism to determine the rarity of specific achievements.

The Epic Games Store now offers such a feature. Users of EGS may now check how uncommon accomplishments are. A little label shows the proportion of players who have unlocked each milestone underneath it.

Users of the Epic Games Store may also sort their unlocked accomplishments under their account information to determine which of their achievements are the rarest and most prevalent.

Even though these EGS Achievement system updates aren’t exceptionally substantial, they demonstrate how the Epic Games development team is always improving the storefront’s usability.

Although they aren’t very noteworthy features, people on other platforms value them. The inclusion of the features on the Epic Games Store only makes sense.

Seeing these minor additions to the Epic Games Store is a little unexpected. After all, there are still a ton of significant features that Epic Games needs to add to the marketplace.

The priority list would have to be low on the achievement %. As a result, the addition of this feature by the Epic Games team was probably relatively rapid and did not interfere with the development of other planned additions.

Users may look forward to several intriguing new items on the Epic Games Store’s development Trello shortly.

More comprehensive publishing options for game creators and publishers are being developed, as well as a Favorites feature that will allow users to highlight their favorite titles in their Library.

The Epic Games Store’s Profiles social tab, which displays a user’s accomplishments, friends, and other publicly available information, is another significant impending feature.

The Epic Games Store is expected to expand more in the following months and years.