Epic Games Store Launches Two Free Games

Epic Games Store Launches Two Free Games: Knowing when games will be announced and launched is simple according to the Epic Games Store’s established routine. The Epic Titles Store updates its presently announced collection of games and announces what is coming up the following week every Thursday at 10 AM CT.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition and Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 were just launched on the Epic Games Store. Both games are self-explanatory; the former is an online strategy game, whilst Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 allows players to go in-depth with each vehicle they work on.

These two games are now accessible and will remain so until June 30. After that date, two additional titles will be added to the Epic Games Store.

It has been established that these two games are Iratus: Lord of the Dead and Geneforge 1: Mutagen. These are less obvious from the title than in the other two games this week.

Adventure role-playing game Geneforge 1: Mutagen puts players in control of Shapers, Wizards with the power to conjure anything into existence, including tools, animals, and more.

Players must fight (or join) their opponents while stuck on a forbidden island to change the world with an army of mutant creatures. The game has 80 different locales and 50+ hours of gameplay, and there are many talents, powers, factions, riches, and inventions to discover.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead, on the other hand, allows for the summoning of many kinds of armies. In the tactical turn-based role-playing game Iratus, players build an army of the undead to infiltrate the surface world and destroy the other worlds.

Like players create their armies from the body parts of their foes as the necromancer in the game, this concept is baked in. The game also contains many intricate elements, such as methods for players to improve their lair from which they attack the higher worlds and ways to grow their army via profane rituals.

This is similar to Hades, possibly the most well-known independent roguelike game right now, in that the game’s goal is to reach a new place.

Fans will be able to start playing both games this time next week. They are both worthy additions to the Epic Games Store. Fans may also anticipate learning about the July free games on the Epic Games Store.