Crytek comeback with Crysis 4

Crysis 4: The Crysis series has been in a stalemate for more than a decade. The last game in the series was Crysis 3. 

The previous games released in the franchise were 2020 remaster of the original game.

 There will  remaster for Crysis 2 and 3 coming in 2021. After a long pause, Crytek has officially announced that Crysis 4 is now in development.

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Crytek’s Crysis Comeback

The game was revealed on behalf of Crytek China on the Chinese social media website BiliBili with a blog post that read, “The ‘Crysis 4’ project is confirmed, opening a new nano battlefield!” A CGI trailer showed off the game’s signature nanotechnology in the centre.

Crytek President Avni Yerli later published a blog entry in which he officially announced the game. In this blog post, the CEO expressed his joy in revealing the game.

He also provided information on the game’s progress: “Right now the game is in the early stages of development so it will be a while yet, but we wanted to bring you the news at this time as we are so hyped for the future, and to let you know that we will be listening to our community.”

The blog post concludes with a call to action for those interested in joining Crytek to look through the company’s website for open positions.

 It’s the third time in the last week that a developer has revealed that the game is in early creation before showing they’re looking for people to assist in creating it.

 It seems like this is the norm in an era when many people are leaving their jobs faster than ever before.