Diablo Immortal Reportedly Earns More Than $1 Million Per day

Diablo Immortal could end up being one of the greatest letdowns in the video game industry this year, given all of its issues.

It was meant to be Blizzard’s ground-breaking mobile game, but instead, it has disappointed many series fans and drawn criticism for its voracious revenue strategy.

However, despite all of that, it seems like Diablo Immortal continues to generate significant daily revenue.

The first game in the Diablo series to be created particularly for mobile devices in partnership with NetEase is Diablo Immortal, which debuted on June 2. It’s the first Diablo game to use the free-to-play concept, and it’s a mobile game.

Sadly, this also results in Diablo Immortal having a clear pay-to-win strategy, with free players’ growth greatly impeding unless they choose to pay for some of the in-game items.

Regardless of the criticism, it is currently said that Diablo Immortal is generating more than $1 million every day.

The first source of information was MobileGamer.biz, which used AppMagic data as a source.

The report claims that revenue reached its pinnacle 10 days after Diablo Immortal’s release, with Blizzard making $2.4 million.

Even today, more than a month after its launch, and with ongoing criticism from the public still sometimes brought up, Diablo Immortal is unexpectedly still managing to bring in only a little bit less than half of what it did each day during the first two weeks.

Fans should take this assertion with a grain of salt since Blizzard hasn’t yet revealed any information about Diablo Immortal’s sales figures, particularly given how recently the game was launched.

But some interested parties have dissected the game’s monetization strategy and conclude that Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions are predatory by design, meaning that the game has a tremendous chance to make astronomical profits.

Despite all the scrutiny, the assertion that Blizzard is still profitable from Diablo Immortal is likely making many fans more irate, if anything.

Even though Diablo Immortal has the lowest user score of any game on Metacritic, many people would find it difficult to believe that it has developed into such a potent money-making engine.

One can only hope that this won’t adversely affect Diablo 4 and steer that game down the same dark road.