How to activate Mountainator Cannon in Genshin Impact

Mountainator Cannon in Genshin Impact: Players who go into the Chasm area in Genshin Impact will eventually run into a dead end. People in the Underground Mines area of the Chasm can’t get to a path because of a huge boulder. Players trying to complete the Chasm Delvers questline will need to use a nearby cannon to break down the blockage.

How to Activate the Mountainator Cannon 

Before you can start firing the cannon, you need two keys to get into the gunpowder store. NPC Jinwu is a person you meet during the Chasm Delvers questline. 

When you interact with him, the locations of both keys will be shown on the map. However, these keys are hidden, and you’ll have to do a few extra things to get them.

In Underground Mines, go to the spot near the small pond. There, you’ll get the first key. It’s important to kill all the mobs in the area before you try to get the key. 

Once the game is over, look for a wooden frame leaning against the wall. There should be a barrel of explosives just below the frame. You need to attack this barrel once. This will blow up the wooden frame right away, which will show the key.

The second thing to look for is on top of the water distillation plant. On top of the water distillery barrel, there’s a round thing that you need to break off. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to look at the structure that will lead you to the key.

As soon as you get both keys, head to the gunpowder storehouse and get a cannonball there. You can now load the cannon and fire it. 

Then, to start firing the cannon, you’ll need to change the frequencies of three lamps to be safe for them. You can fire the cannon when you’re done. The cannon will blast the boulder out of the way.