Elden Ring Strange Visual Bug Makes Dark Moon Greatsword Cooler

Elden Ring Strange Visual Bug: There are many cool things about Elden Ring, but a fan just found a glitch in the game that makes the Dark Moon Greatsword look different.

There are a lot of puzzles, mysteries, and secrets to find in the Lands Between, which is where the movie is set. People are still finding cool easter eggs and surprises in the game, which has been out for a few weeks.

The game has cameos of well-known characters from the Soulslike series and other cool things to keep people happy.

They are hidden, just like the game’s lore. It takes someone with a good eye or even an accident to find them.

When one player looked at the game, he found a glitch that looked like a cool easter egg feature.

Visual Bug in Elden Ring’s Dark Moon Greatsword Makes It Look Cooler Than Ever

People on Reddit named Nuu111 shared a picture of what Dark Moon Greatsword looks like if you see it through a ghost.

When you see the sword through the eyes of a ghost, you can see a blue pattern on the blade. This pattern looks a lot like what you would see on a snowflake.

This is a nice touch that could be seen as an intentional part of the game. However, another Redditor in the comments said this is not true.

According to Reddit user Prionysus, this effect is caused by a visual glitch. When two semi-transparent objects move together, this glitch happens.

Because the texture effects on the sword don’t work right when you see it through another transparent texture, this is why it doesn’t works.

Some other people who commented on the thread did some tests to see if these ideas were actual. Jellyfish Shield and the Golder Order Greatsword are what they say they have.

This shows that Elden Ring Strange Visual Bug is a graphical glitch and not a feature meant to work. Nobody wants this bug to be fixed soon, so we hope FromSoftwear doesn’t do that.