Elden Ring Players Banned After Picking Up Deathbed Smalls.

Elden Ring Players Banned After Picking Up Deathbed Smalls: The Deathbed Smalls item was found in Elden Ring by some players. They are said to have paid for it with the ban hammer.

Elden Ring has a lot of mysterious things and even memes. There is an obvious example of this in the Let Me Solo Her meme that has taken the internet storm.

If you haven’t played the game yet, you’re still going to find many new things to do in the Lands Between.

This stream of discoveries has filled both Twitter and the Elden Ring Subreddit with many funny and interesting posts that people have found interesting and funny.

Not all of these secrets are fun like the meme shown before. Deathbed Smalls, an item that some people don’t like, are now getting people banned from the game.

Deathbed Smalls is causing soft bans in Elden Ring.

Many people on Reddit say they got a “soft ban” after getting the Deathbed Smalls item from a random online player.

When the game came out, FromSoftware took this item out. It was part of the Deathbed Armor Set, which also had the Deathbed Dress.

Now, only the Deathbed Dress is still in the game. A glitch in a game has made it so that the Deathbed Small can only be accessed now.

Because of this, having this item in your inventory makes the game’s anti-cheat system go off. Because of this, the account that has that save file will be soft-banned.

Elden Ring’s Quarantine Penalty for Deathbed Smalls

In both of these stories, the Redditors said that they found this item while playing a multiplayer game with other people.

This is what one of these gamers, JeSuisLePamplemous, said on Reddit. When they started the game again, they got a message.

This message said that the game had found out that someone was messing with it. This led to 180 days of quarantine.

Those in quarantine can only play with or fight against other gamers who are also in quarantine on the internet.

Fixes for Deathbed Smalls Softban in Elden Ring

It didn’t work if this gamer took off the Deathbed Smalls armor, so he asked Bandai Namco for help.

Based on this Redditor, there could be ways to fix the Deathbed Smalls softban.

  • To avoid getting banned, delete the Deathbed Smalls item right away if you get it online. Then, when you restart the game, don’t put it back in. This is not going to work. So far, it seems the game doesn’t let people play again until they log back in.
  • Bandai Namco Customer Service can help you. Tell them what happened, and ask them to remove the softban.
  • It’s best to delete the save file if Bandai Namco lifts your ban. This way, you won’t get banned again.

People on Reddit say that Bandai Namco was able to lift the soft ban.

Elden Ring Players Banned After Picking Up Deathbed Smalls., you might not be sure that the anti-cheat solution will not ban you again. Bandai Namco told the Redditor to delete the save file of the character who had been softbanned.