Elden Ring Could Merge With Fortnite Soon

While Fortnite crossovers have been quite common in recent months, Elden Ring is not a series one would expect to see in Epic Games’ game. According to a recent study, a collaboration between Elden Ring and Fortnite may be in the works.

@ShiinaBR, a well-known Fortnite leaker, posted the survey after receiving a picture from @Guile GAG. Just because the characters are featured in this poll does not ensure they will be in the game, as they said in their article.

However, since polls like these are designed to measure community Interest in certain characters, the names that get the most excellent attention are often included. If the two Elden Ring characters that participated in the poll did well, they might soon find themselves on The Island.

While Elden Ring contains several notable bosses, such as Malenia and Radagon, who would be excellent additions to the character roster, the two characters on the poll are friends to the player.

Melina and Iron Fist Alexander seem to be Epic Games’ top picks if they were to add anybody to Fortnite. While some could argue that characters like Blaidd and Ranni should be used instead, the characters picked would undoubtedly be noteworthy additions to the game if a crossover ever happened.

Regarding what equipment may be included in the Elden Ring characters’ bundles, Melina getting to utilize Torrent as a Glider could be incredible, as it would be thrilling to see him fly through the sky and land on the ground below.

Melina might even be restyled to resemble Ranni, giving fans two Elden Ring skins in one. Controlling a giant jar would be intriguing enough for Iron Fist Alexander, but an emote that spawns a more miniature Living Jar may also be fun.

Elden Ring isn’t the only intriguing crossover in this Epic Games poll. Fallout fans may witness the addition of Power Armor, while Grand Theft Auto’s CJ and Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu may be on the way. Various celebrities, as well as Spider-Man and Batman villains, have been mentioned.

The study also contains random characters, such as Rick and Morty’s Jerry and Disney’s Stitch. It’s unclear how a figure as minuscule as Stitch would fit into Fortnite, but his participation demonstrates the diverse range of possible crossovers.

Given the success of Elden Ring, however, many people will consider it the most promising property. While nothing has been verified, and the survey may not result in the natural material, the fact that Epic Games is contemplating it is fascinating.