Dying Light 2 Stay Human Voice Actors

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Voice Actors: Before the Dying Light 2 Stay Human release date, the game’s creators held an event dubbed Dying 2 Know, which featured an event host named Leah Alexandra. 

Since the show became available online, fans have been looking for Leah Alexandra and Dying Light 2 voice actors.

Leah Alexandra is a well-known streamer, gaming host, and TTRPG enthusiast for those who aren’t familiar. 

To learn more about Alexandra, connect with her via Twitter.

The release date for Dying Light 2 Dying Light sequel is merely two weeks away; many people are interested in finding out the voice actors in Dying Light 2 and if they’re

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Dying Light 2 Voice Actors

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is an action-based role-playing game that Techland creates.

 In contrast to its predecessor, it has an entirely new story and a brand new protagonist.

 The character that was the primary and playable persona is Aiden Caldwell.

The voice actor who played Aiden Caldwell in Dying Light 2 is Jonah Scott, an American voice actor. 

He previously voiced Beastars in Legos, Akudama Drive as Courier, in High-Rise Invasion as Sniper Mask. 

In addition to providing his voice to characters from video games and righteousness, he is also part of the Pilgrims and creates videos on the YouTube channel he runs.

Will Kyle Crane Be In Dying Light 2?

There’s not been any official word about the possibility of bringing Kyle Crane back in Dying Light 2.

 If we believe the theories and endings available online, Crane might come back as an antagonist in Dying Light 2’s sequel.

Kyle Crane’s likelihood of returning to Dying Light 2 is slim since the developers have already announced that they will not return any of the characters from the original game.

For the unsuspecting, Kyle Crane is the playable character in Dying Light.

 Roger Crag Smith, an American voice actor and a former stand-up comic, has recorded Kyle Crane. 

In the past, he has provided his voice to Chris Redfield in the Resident Evil series, Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the Assassin’s Concert series, and much more.