Caspiel Location In Lost Ark

Caspiel Location In Lost Ark: In Lost Ark, Caspiel is the only Field Boss in the Tortoyk Region, where the Mokoko People live, and he is the only one. A massive Stone Guardian has risen in response to the pirates storming the island in the Main Story Quest.

Caspiel, who was awakened in a rage, attacks everything in sight, even if it’s a player from Lost Ark. If you find Caspiel, you’ll be rewarded with a lot of different things as you progress. Then, they’ll have to find him.

Caspiel’s Location

A Field Boss called Caspiel is found in the Skyreach Steppe map on Tortoyk. It doesn’t have an icon on the expanded and mini-maps like other Field Bosses do (such as Chaotic Chuo in Anikka). 

As a Field Boss, Caspiel is one of the few that respawn in half-hours. Bosses killed by a group of players won’t come back until about 30 minutes after they were killed. 

Caspiel and other Field Bosses, like Rovlen, don’t have spaces on Procylon’s Compass for the Field Boss tab. This shows that this is true. 

No one knows if there will be any more Field Bosses like this for South Vern in the April update.

This picture shows the Skyreach Steppe where Caspiel can be found. It comes right out of a patch of dirt like this when it does. As a good thing, there’s a spot next to a rock outcropping to the northwest of this location where players can stand and wait for Caspiel (or set up a Bifrost slot) without getting harassed by nearby mobs. 

But keep in mind that Caspiel’s respawn timer doesn’t start until it dies, not at a set time. Players who are just arriving at the Skyreach Steppe don’t know how close it is to respawn, which makes this a little more of a pain.

Why bother fighting Caspiel?

Caspiel is a must-have for any players who want to move horizontally in Lost Ark for anyone who isn’t sure if all this work is worth it.

When Capsiel is killed, it has a chance to drop the Shattered Dip and Pour Bowl. This is part of Tortoyk’s Adventure Tome. 

This is a must-have for the Half and Half, Dip and Pour Legendary food to cook. Players also get +2 Wisdom in their Virtue Stats when they kill Caspiel for the first time. 

This is a subset of stats that only become more important over time.