BitLife Tips: Guide, Tricks and Cheats For Life Simulator App

When BitLife was launched, it absolutely blew up and became the talk of the town. It gained immense popularity in such a short period, and it filled the game with a lot of new players. When you are just starting your life in BitLife, there are certain tips and tricks that you must know in order to make it a successful one.

When I started playing, I had no idea about these, and now I regret that. However, I can always restart the game to play it according to the tips and make it big. You can do the same. So, here are all the BitLife Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hacks, and everything that you should know to live a better life in the game.

BitLife Guide: Best Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Use in the App

BitLife is a massively popular text-based life simulator mobile game available for Android and iOS devices. It is based on the concept of you having a real-life in a virtual space. You have to start living your life just like you do in the real world, and your story will turn out according to the choices you make. You can choose to be a boy or a girl, grow up and choose a career for you, find your love and marry them, and live your life to the core.

No matter how simple it sounds, the game is pretty complex due to the fact that your story will move further based on the decisions you make. It is just like your actual life where what will happen is based on what you do. The only difference is that you can restart your life in BitLife anytime.

To avoid restarting, I have compiled some tips, tricks, and cheats that you can use to lead a successful life in BitLife- Life Simulator. You can use these to achieve anything you wish in your virtual life.

General Tips to Live a Better Life in BitLife

Here are some general tips for BitLife that you shouldn’t ignore. These are simple but have a critical impact on your life.

  • Never limit yourself- You shouldn’t limit yourself from doing things in a year in the game. There are so many things to do, you should try them all, and some of them like going to the Gym, developing a hobby, etc are worth doing multiple times.
  • Focus on Studies- Just like in your real life, studying hard plays an essential role in making your career successful. Choose the “Study harder” option every year when your school years are going on. This way you can have more chances of getting a scholarship, avoid student loans, and bagging a better-paying job.
  • Care for your Health- You should always care for your health in the virtual life too. When you have an illness, you can go and see a Doctor for free here. However, make sure you are not going to a witch doctor.
  • It isn’t essential to be a “Good Guy”- You can enjoy your life in BitLife as a “Jerk” or “Rebel” instead of choosing the “Nice” option every time. This will add some spice to the dull and boring life.
  • Keep your bars green- Always keep an eye on the green bars present at the bottom and make sure they are maxed up. For that, you can perform different activities like hitting up the Gym, visiting a library to read books, or meditating.

These are some general but essential tips to have a better life.

Best Tips & Tricks to Make More Money in BitLife

The key to success in life is Money (and Happiness). To lead a better virtual life, you need to make a lot of money. Fortunately, making money in BitLife is a lot easier than your real life. Here are some tips, tricks, and cheats that you can use to make unlimited money in BitLife.

  • Early in the game, you have to borrow money from your parents. So, take your generosity to the max in order to get more money.
  • You must make your parents happy at all times, so they can pay off your debts (student loan), and you receive a massive inheritance when they go away.
  • Start doing freelancing or part-time gigs when you are in college to earn money. Make sure you don’t push up the stress level while doing so.
  • Don’t go to college if you want to become a singer, actor, director, or any sort of artist. If not, then go to college for longer periods of time.
  • Choose a high-paying job for yourself like a Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Actor, CEO, etc. A cheat to choosing the job is available below.
  • Buy and sell Real Estate just like one does in the real world. Hold your property until you feel is the right time, and then sell it. You can’t rent it out in the game.
  • Marry an older woman or man to get a huge amount of inheritance money. However, this will take a toll on your character’s happiness.
  • Try gambling and lottery as you’ll have higher chances of winning in the game. Make sure you don’t get robbed.

BitLife Career/Job Shuffle Cheat

BitLife has more than 140 jobs from different fields that you can choose from. However, at the time of selection, all of them are not available on the screen. They are available randomly, so you have to shuffle them to find your favorite one.

A simple way to find a new set of jobs is to restart, and then quickly close and open the app. Another way to shuffle them is to tap the age button.

BitLife Lottery (Blackjack at the Casino) Cheat

Here is BitLife cheat you can use at the Casino to get more money:

  • Visit the Casino.
  • Place your highest bet.
  • Next, Play the hand.
  • If you win, then leave the casino and this will save the game.
  • If you lose, quickly close the game and re-open it.
  • Keep doing this until you win a lot of money.

This cheat or hack is only available for Android devices.

Specific Tips to Follow in BitLife

Here some very specific but key tips related to various aspects of life that you should follow. Using these will help you to lead a wholesome life.

Stay Happy in the Life

Focus on your happiness the most in the game, even more than the money. Being happy will fill you with energy and you can achieve anything in the game. Find your love, and stay with them happily. Try doing activities that boost your happiness.

When the happiness level is down, start traveling and go on a vacation. You will get a quick boost then. Another important thing to do is controlling stress levels. Sticking to a strict schedule will make that easier.

Become Famous in the Game

To become famous in the game, you have to choose a career that stays in the limelight such as an actor, singer, writer, DJ, social media star, or even a porn star. After that, make sure your looks are at least around 80% or more. For that, you need to focus on activities like going to the gym, walks, visiting Salon, learning martial arts, etc.

You also need to join all of the social media after getting a job. Keep working on your looks until you get a lot of followers. When you reach the heights of your profession, the “Fame” percentage bar will open up.

Keep boosting it, and start posting on your social media. You can even promote products and earn money through them.

Keep Boosting your Stats

BitLife now allows you to boost the stats that you are low on by watching a video ad. Just go to Menu, tap on Settings, and check the box present next to “Boost.”

This way you can improve the stats you are low on to improve the quality of your life.

Final Words

BitLife is a life simulator game and thus works just like your life does. The choices you make, the decisions you take, and your actions will have a direct impact on the outcomes. You need to use your brain wisely if you want to be a star in the game. Just think carefully before making any decisions and grind hard for what you need. Nothing will stop you then.

That’s all for this guide. I hope you find it helpful. Here is a Bonus for making it this far. Make sure you don’t forget to share your BitLife experiences with us in the comments.