Bitdefender Keys 2021: Activation Code List for Free

Bitdefender is among the market leaders when it comes to a reliable antivirus/antimalware tool for Windows PC, Mac, and even smartphones. Its premium version comes with a long list of features that keeps your device protected at all times. The good thing is that you can get Bitdefender Premium free using License keys and Activation codes.

So, if the Bitdefender price has been limiting you from trying this brilliant software, your problem is going to be solved. In this post, I’ll explain how to get Bitdefender full version free using the cracked License key. This version will work just like the original one and will be 100% safe to use.

Along with this, if you don’t like using cracked versions, I’ll also explain a method to get Bitdefender free for a year without any illegal downloads or keygens.

Bitdefender Antivirus License Keys & Activation Codes For 2021

Bitdefender has quickly gained a spot among the best antivirus apps available on the web. It is available for Windows, Mac, and also for mobile devices. A lot of new users also want to try it out but its price often limits them. If you are one of them, we are here to help you.

You can activate Bitdefender Premium Security for your computer for free by using the License Keys. These keys are shared by generous users over the web and we have collected all of them. We’ll share them here with all our readers. These codes are fully working and unused at the time of writing. However, by the time you claim them, someone might put a  hand on them.

Don’t worry. That’s why we have listed so many keys. So that, you can get a working key for your device, eventually. Along with the Bitdefender Antivirus suite, we have also provided keys for other services by the company. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus v10 License Keys

  • B1D7FDCB8B4496F39C99
  • B99AE21FAA460B6343F4
  • 375D-7644-849A-8E47-2318
  • 4F7A574477A5EF8F5C64
  • 84FA-F762-9203-F16C-1626
  • A3CB-4157-AF95-26AE-98E0
  • EA33-C0A4-B8DD-2107-E500
  • 8AE5-658A-450F-6CB0-40A5

2. Bitdefender Pro Plus v9 License Keys

  • F4A01-2D990-4B72D-4F5C9
  • B75D7-60011-60593-56432
  • F4A01-2D990-4B72D-4F5C9
  • 455E1-E38DE-DA5C6-28B7A
  • 243C4-A1BAB-F9EF6-08D29
  • 06EA5-0FFFD-35F9A-2EB31
  • 5E827-CE045-E41AD-B92B2
  • 1E9.F-D9C83-6812F-4C7AC
  • 6E372-91232-BB4D3-48734
  • 37D2B-B73F9-35843-43AEC
  • A2DCD-F2E07-9987D-F369E
  • 2A141-EB0B1-07AA8-9F9BD
  • DC523-2C4B0-EE874-13A6E
  • 3878D-4F5D8-3AD85-627A4
  • 94F7F-B5152-2AE49-BCC5D
  • 55A5A-A3BEF-9980F-D7C89
  • 06EA5-0FFFD-35F9A-2EB31
  • 3F603-5D351-8FCF4-032D6
  • 1E065-29DC7-9A64B-101F1
  • 37BD9-06C87-538EB-8D71F
  • 48FC2-675F4-Bo3FD-E2B11
  • 9EA20-8E7F3-o67Eu-9BF0C
  • 19BBC-EBA2.-A95B6-F34A0
  • BBEF8-C800F-1ED81-BC233
  • C06D5-3F264-DB0FE-6516E
  • E263D-A265A-5E67B-FE0DE
  • 5724A-368BF-C74BA-2E27A
  • 29C8F-81EEB-56024-56323
  • AEAA0-470C0-33582-5A5F7
  • 840AF-98AA9-A2B66-ED759
  • EF837-721BE-2008C-7F029
  • 33D46-3C82E-85F93-6C8E5

3. Bitdefender Pro v8 License Keys

  • 90FA83F00F2C771CFE9A
  • 01275634140121467874
  • 0AA68-F8EA5-9E1FB-D36BA
  • 81E3A-FDC86-7825F-1ABA0
  • 8D28C-284E5-357B3-E2505
  • 41BC7-9676C-341E2-9B612
  • B9C0B-DF2DF-BA5E1-7B54B
  • 243C4-A1BAB-F9EF6-08D29
  • 1A677-B0DDE-D741E-137CA
  • D22C9-584C2-B4277-CD3EB
  • F6551-0D7AF-7183C-744AD
  • BF847-D31DB-05529-7FEAE
  • D65C0-E160A-2E1BC-72D71
  • DA8DE-B6292-50EDE-B4E1F
  • 33D46-3C82E-85F93-6C8E5
  • 0410A-1C2E4-1927A-52E4C
  • 5EA7C-E756E-80158-76D9C
  • 243C4-A1BAB-F9EF6-08D29
  • E9D49-97968-0B6EB-E9E1B

4. Bitdefender Total Security Activation Codes


5. Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium Activation Codes

  • W3ZASX4
  • G7TVF6R
  • 4EDC5RF
  • C5DE4SX
  • 6VTG7BY
  • EDC5RF6
  • VTG7BY8
  • H8UNJI9

How to use License Keys to Activate Bitdefender Premium Security Free?

Now that you have a free Bitdefender license key, you can move further to activate it like you normally would. Follow the steps mentioned below if you don’t know the procedure:

Step-1: Open a browser and visit “Bitdefender Central” in it. Now sign in to your Bitdefender account. If you don’t have it, then you can create one for free.

Step-2: After signing in, you will see the “Welcome” prompt. Click on “Activate a subscription” from it.

Step-3: Next, click o “My Subscriptions” and then click on “+ Activate with code.”

Step-4: Now enter the Bitdefender free activation code (License key) from the list above.

Step-5: Next, click on “Activate” and wait for the “Success” prompt.

Step-6: Finally, install Bitdefender on your device, and it if is already installed, just launch it. Sign in with your account and you will find the subscription active.

That’s it. If you receive a “This license key was already used to generate a subscription” message upon entering the activation codes from here, quickly try another code.

Is Bitdefender Premium Security Good, Reliable & Safe?

Bitdefender Premium Security is a fast, safe, and reliable overall security solution for your devices. It comes with a powerful malware detection service that allows you to keep your device secure at all times. The virus definitions are updated in real-time, automatically.

It is a comparatively newer name in the industry but has been effectively competing with bigger names like Avast and Norton since the launch. The reason why so many people trust and use Bitdefender is its performance that comes with an economical price. You will find all the essential as well as advanced features in the toolkit.

The Bitdefender package also comes with a PC cleanup tool and a lightning-fast VPN service. Both of them come in very handy when you want to boost the performance of your PC.

Get Bitdefender Total Security Free for 90 Days in Giveaway!

Bitdefender is giving away the Total Security package free for 90 days as part of a special giveaway program. Earlier, the duration of the free trial was only 30 days, but now you can get it free for 90 days legally. You won’t need any keygens or cracked files to activate Bitdefender. This subscription can be used for up to 5 devices.

To claim it, follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser, and visit the Bitdefender Total Security giveaway page.
  2. Now enter your email address in the box and click on “Get 90 days free.”
  3. Make sure you use a new email that you haven’t used with Bitdefender before.
  4. Now create a new Bitdefender account using the same email address.
  5. After that, you’ll receive an email from Bitdefender.
  6. Go to your mailbox and open the email.
  7. Click on the “Verify Now” button to activate your Bitdefender subscription.
  8. Finally, you can sign in to your Bitdefender account and check your subscription.

That’s it. Remember that this email is valid for up to 45 days of receiving. Also, the giveaway is temporary. Make sure you claim it before it expires.

Final Words

Bitdefender Premium Security is a tremendous antivirus program for your PC. It is one of the few antivirus tools that boasts powerful performance at an affordable price. However, if it still seems expensive, you can get it for free by using the Bitdefender License keys and Activation codes. We have shared all the working codes above. We will keep adding more as soon as we find them.

I’d still recommend that you should participate in the Giveaway to get Bitdefender for free. Or, try buying in at a highly discounted price. Trying to getting it for free can be very time-consuming. That’s all for this post.