10 Best WiFi Hacker Apps for Android [No Root Required]

Sometimes you are stuck without the internet but you find available WiFi connections nearby. But, you can’t connect to them as you don’t have the password. In such situations, the working WiFi Hackers apps can help you. You can use them to crack the password and connect to any nearby connection temporarily.

If you want to know about some great Android apps to crack WiFi passwords, this post is specially written for you. Here, I will tell you about the 12 best WiFi Hackers Apps for your Android device. You can use these apps to connect to any available WiFi network.

Do WiFi Hackers Apps Really Work?

There are certain situations when hacking a WiFi to crack its password is the only option you’ll have. WiFi hacker apps can aid you in such cases. But, the first question that will pop up in your mind would be- ‘Do they really work?’ To answer it honestly, I’d like to tell you that most of the Android WiFi hacker apps don’t work. The reason for this is that Android lacks the processing power to crack through the WiFi security protocols.

However, some of them work but only for a limited set of devices and under special conditions. The conditions include a rooted device, and sufficient storage, batter, and memory on your device. You have to use the ‘hit & trial’ method to find the right app working for you.

10 Best WiFi Hackers Apps for Android

After thorough research, we have found the right WiFi hacker apps for Android devices. You can use these to crack the password of any nearby WiFi network and connect to it. Remember that these apps may not grant you permanent access to any network. You can only connect on a temporary basis. That would be enough in critical conditions.

Disclaimer: Remember that hacking any WiFi network to crack the password is an illegal offense. We don’t recommend doing so. These apps are presented only for research purposes. You should only use them to check the security of your WiFi network or another WiFi network that you have access to. Don’t use them for your personal benefits.

1. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux Nethunter is the most effective Android tool to hack any WiFi network. It is the first open-source Android penetration testing platform. To use it, you have to launch the Kali’s WiFi tool and move further with the procedure. It will require a custom kernel that supports 802.11 wireless injections.

The only problem is that Android phones don’t support the required wireless injections. So, a developer will have to develop a custom kernel with the required wireless injections for it to work.

2. WPS Connect

WPS Connect is one of the most popular WiFi hacker apps used to test the security of a WiFi network. This app supports a great number of routers. So, you’ll have a better chance at cracking through. You have to install the app and use it to find the available vulnerabilities in a network.

This app aims the networks that more prone to hacking by using the combinations of default PINs. A lot of users don’t change the password of their router and keep using the default one. If you find any such user, this app will help you to connect to his WiFi.

3. WPS WPA Tester

WPS WPA Tester is another widely popular app to hack any WiFi network through your Android device. This app was developed to scan the network to find any vulnerabilities in order to fix them. It tests the connection to Access Points with WPS Pin that is done by using various algorithms such as Zhao, Belkin, TrendNet, and many more.

In order to use this app, you will have to use a device with Android version 5.0 or above. The older versions will not be able to connect to this app and view the WEP-WPA-WPA2. Also, you will need a lot of patience to actually get results.

4. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng is one of the most stable and trusted apps that you can use to crack through any WiFi. It is also available for Ubuntu and is based on Linux kernel. It is designed and developed by great Android developers from the XDA Developers community. You can efficiently use it on Android once you find a WiFi chipset that supports monitor mode.

To use it, you will need a rooted Android device, Computer with Ubuntu or any other Linux distro, USB OTG Adapter, Wireless USB Adapter, and a lot of patience. You can find the necessary tutorials to use this app on YouTube easily.

5. dSploit

dSploit is another great application from the Android developers from XDA Developers community. This app was also developed to find out the vulnerabilities in any WiFi network. This WiFi penetration testing suite is a complete package to analyze and control your network and its information.

It is able to crack WiFi, scan the ports, simple sniffing, and many more advanced operations. To learn how to use it, you should visit YouTube and check the related tutorials.

6. AndroDumpper

AndroDumpper is another great application that scans the available WiFi networks near you and then allows you to connect to them. It works on an algorithm that runs and cracks the password, so you can easily connect to the network.

It works the best with WPS enabled routers. But, you can also try your luck with other routers as well. You will need a rooted Android device to use it.


Nmap is an Android tool that allows us to scan any network to find out vulnerabilities. This app is widely used by ethical Hackers to find the loopholes in any network system. You can use it on both rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices. But, rooted phones will have access to more features.

You will find some of its features similar to dSploit, such as port scanning, simple sniffing, and more. It is a very powerful tool to work with.

8. ZAnti

ZAnti is a complete mobile penetration testing and hacking toolkit for Android. You can use it to find out any vulnerabilities in your WiFi network. It is one of the simplest apps to do so. Many ethical hackers and IT security admins use it to complete their operations.

If you want to find out that if your WiFi network is secure or weak, this tool will help you a lot. It is a highly reliable app.

9. Arpspoof

Arpspoof is another impressive app from the Android developers of the XDA Developers community. This tool was written as a part of the dsniff package. The author has now made it open-source to ensure further development. It works by redirecting the packets on a local network by broadcasting spoofed ARP messages.

It also displays the packets that the owner is sending to the device, but it doesn’t store them. The mechanism it works on is called ‘Faking ARP replies.’

10. WIBR+

WIBR+ is a unique WiFi hacker app that uses Brute Force and Dictionary-based method to help you crack through any WiFi network. You can choose different options depending upon the priority and type of the network. It allows you to perform different dictionary-based attacks to acquire the password.

This tool was developed to test the integrity and security of WiFi networks. The only problem with it is that it takes a lot of time to crack codes. So, you’ll have to stay patient.

Final Take

Hacking WiFi on Android can be tough. These are the best WiFi hacker apps that you can use for that. Make sure you only use them to connect to your own network or a network you have access to. Don’t try using them to connect to a network you are not permitted on. Or else, you may put yourself in serious trouble.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your opinions about it in the comments.