15 Best File Manager Apps in 2020

If you are an Android user, definitely you need the best file manager app. It helps you to browse your files in the system, allocate and manage your storage memory, move and copy files and other stuffs from one particular location to another. Organizing and arranging the files in order is very much good for retrieval. Here are some readymade apps that will do this kind of pretty stuff for you.

Best File Manager Apps Android

Best File Manager Apps (2020 List) – Android

Some of the users will do on their own but some will leave the files to let it be whatever it maybe everyone needs a proper file manager apps to access and organize your files. In this review, you will get to know about the best file manager app for the android platform and its internal specifications, user interface, quality and ease of access.  In some mobile manufactures they are providing an inbuilt file manager app which will compromise the user’s expectation sometimes it may not.

1. Amaze File Manager

For the person who wants an open-source and lighter experience on the file browsing, the Amaze file manager will fulfill your expectations. It came very recently to the market. The user interface and access for the files are nice-looking. The main attraction and uniqueness of this file manager are the design of the app, inbuilt SMB file sharing feature, app managing feature for the all system and third-party installed apps, root explorer, cache and junk files cleaning facility.

2. X-plore File manager

Quite appropriate and professional driven user interface containing best file manager app is X-plore file manager. It provides a multi-tasking facility likely dual-pane file exploring feature so you can access two individual windows at a time. It is completely ad-free. As the name suggests it has more additional features like inbuilt PDF viewer, ZIP unpacker, hex viewer, video player with subtitle attachment and also it has LAN and cloud storage and root support.

3. Astro File manager

A nostalgic app, it has its own reputation. Of course, it is an Astro file manager for your android again. Whoever you can ask it is a solid choice for organizing your files. App developers keep on updating this app and added some additional features like SD card support, file compression, archive extraction support, internal app management with cloud storage. This app User-interface high peculiar and attractive and ease of use.

4. ASUS file manager

The name speaks, Asus file manager was created for Zen User interface having Asus smartphones.  It is a free to access app but you can get it with ads. Attractive and awesome user-interface with ease of use where several categories are displayed perfectly.  Associated files are easily retrievable. It also has a recycled bin option so you can recover the deleted files one more time. This file manager app also contains LAN and SMB access, cloud storage, compression and extraction of files. It has a security option for confidential files.

5. FX file explorer

A usual file explorer with compromising quality features. Fx file explorer varieties of functions include media and file allocation management, multi-window support, FTP transfer, and encrypted archived files management. Additional features like an inbuilt text editor and archive support for GZip, Bzip2, 7zip. The best thing about this app is no ads and it will be a better replacement for your older file manager.

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6. ES file explorer file manager

Evergreen and well-known file manager app for android platform is ES file explorer. It has a different angle of a feature within which it will cover the entire user requirement. Some essential features for the file manager are copy/paste option, space analyzer; cache and junk files clearing to restore your space are available. It has an inbuilt sharing option for other ES file manager users. It has a cloud storage option along with it has the root explorer.

7. Mi Xplorer silver

A very new and modest file manager is MiXplorer silver. The user-interface features are very much quite impressive. It has EPub, MobiPlacket, and PDF reader support also with file encryption. It has another milestone feature is a bunch of plugins and more functionality. This has an archive plugin and file compression option.

8. Total commander

Looking for a highly user rated file manager app, the Total commander will fulfill your dream, it has all the necessary features like an easy folder and file control and accessibility, theme changing and easy user-interface. Some special plugins like FTP and SFTP client, WebDAV and LAN access for sharing files and getting access to IP address. Along with the root explore option it has the multimode option. File sorting, bookmarking options make it unique.

9. MK file explorer

Unlike other apps MK Explorer is the best file manager app having an interactive material design with compromising features like delete, hide, copy/paste features with easy accessibility, Even though this app will not support cloud storage but offline features uncompromisingly amazing. The search tool, ZIP and RAR extractor, built-in text editor, music and video player with different language support.

10. Solid Explorer

An upcoming popular app with essential and embracing features. Solid Explorer also has an attractive UI design, cloud support, root access, FTP, SFTP, and CIFS support. Dark theme option with archive and compression support and chrome cast support are making this app more unique. This app is not available for free you can try the features and get it at low cost.

 Final Words        

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Root Explorer
  2. Solid Explorer
  3. MK file explorer
  4. Mi Xplorer silver
  5. ES file explorer file manager
  6. ASUS file manager
  7. X-plore File manager
  8. Amaze File Manager
  9. File Manager+
  10. FX file explorer
  11. Astro File manager
  12. Xaiomi File manager
  13. Explorer++
  14. Files
  15. Total commander

Pick the best file manager for android and enjoy the ultimate fun in it. If you find this blog useful do comment.