14 Lite Browsers for Android in 2020 [Free & Lightweight]

Ever heard of Lite Browsers? Looking for the best Lite browsers for Android? Well, in this article, you will find 14 Free and lightweight browsers for Android.

The term lite browser stands for the lower consumption of data and power also it should not hinder the system performance. The main reason behind the development of the lite browsers is which will consume only less amount RAM by compressing the page and unnecessary script which in turn reduces the data consumption and increase the browsing speed. Lite weight browsers are very much welcomed in this current scenario because of its space allocation for storage is also very less.

10 Lite Browsers for Android

In this blog, we are going to know about the best and highly specialized lite weight browsers for your android mobile. This review is completely based on user feedback and opinion. Let’s start about the best lite browsers and its internal specification and user-interface.

1) Via Browser

Like a portal, through the Via browser, you can unlimited fun and useful tools. It is very small in size and it is completely a beast because it has some inbuilt unbelievable features like a very good clean and uncluttered user-interface. It has pre-defined special features like adblocker, night mode, customizable downloadable features, and Incognito mode. We can categorize it as the best lite weight browser which works equally to top-rated browsers. You can get updates periodically.

2) Google Go

The reputed search engine comes with the lite browser. Google go is exact lite version alternative for the google app for android. It has an integrated voice search option which helps to load pages easily. For loading the content in the pages with very low consumption of data, this google go uses Google web light. Based on the internet speed it will optimize itself to load the contents for pages. For top priority with the lite version you can go with this, it also comes with google assistance.

3) Lightning Web Browser

As the name suggests, this lightning web browser is very much sharp and highly powerful. The developer primarily focused on the design, high-end security, and efficiency. It has a very efficient user-interface and ease of access. The material design of this browser is quite good and attractive. When comes to security, it has a lot of options to protect your privacy. The browser engine works on WebKit which is a power for Apple’s Safari browser. It has a bunch of useful add-ons also.

4) Internet

Here comes the internet a fast, lite and highly private browser which was developed by the Amazon. It is very much user-friendly and will not collect your private data. To use this browser you don’t need any separate permissions. It comes with no trace feature which will block all types of trackers and ads. The browsing data is highly secure as we are having trust in the Amazon.

5) UC Browser Mini

UC browser mini is the same as the UC browser of the normal version with its lite version. It provides a well-defined user-interface and great browsing experience with the little package. It was originally developed to reach the android device with a lower configuration. Mainly in storage without compromising the features and quality. It has the inbuilt data saving options

6) CM Browser

Another milestone by the Team Clean Master for Android devices is the CM browser. The primary focus of the developers is to provide a lightweight browser with internal antivirus scanning protection from malicious threats. Using the CM browser you can download videos offline easily. The ultimate features of this lite browser are malicious prevention, download protection, incognito mode and cache trace removal. The newer version comes with an adblocker.

7) Yandex Browser Lite

A Russian developer’s lite browser for android is the Yandex browser. The incredible features o this lite browser is easy to clean and clear the cache and cookies directly in the settings. Based on the Yandex Zen technology you can select your view of interest, based on it this technology will filter the content and present it to you. It has a smart box search bar to ask questions to the Yandex. It can easily be movable to your memory card storage.

8) Dolphin Zero

Struggling with storage issues, the best browser at very tiny storage is the Dolphin Zero lite browser. You can’t believe it comes with 500Kb storage. It is mainly focused on the business people because it has the default private browser which will not store any browsing history, passwords and any private data. The unique features of this lite browser are popup blocker, flash player, personalized search and faster download.

9) DU Browser

DU Browser is an all-rounder lite version of the browser which has multi-purpose with inbuilt music and video player along with the video floating feature. Kernel T5 framework based app which helps to lead the pages even in the slow network. The user-interface is very innate and user-friendly so you can learn it very quickly. When comes under the Lite version this app also has the low data and low storage consumption feature. It was first developed by the Baidu antivirus company.

10) Mint Browser

Xiaomi’s best creation for reliable and fast browsing is Mint Browser. It is very much popular for android devices because of its uncompromising features like greater browsing speeds, privacy and high-end security with a very small package. The download engine will automatically detect the downloadable content on the particular page and display the download button. It also compromises your basic lite browser needs like Ad-blocker, night-mode and data saver.

Final List

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Monument Browser
  2. Firefox Lite
  3. Opera mini
  4. X browser
  5. Mint Browser
  6. Yandex Browser Lite
  7. Dolphin Zero
  8. Internet
  9. CM Browser
  10. UC Browser Mini
  11. Google Go
  12. Lightning Web Browser
  13. Via Browser
  14. DU Browser

Pick the best lite browser for android and enjoy the ultimate fun in it. If you find this blog useful do comment.