18 Best Dress Up Games for Adults: Free for Android & iOS

We all have tried playing Dress Up games or at least have seen our friends or siblings playing them in our childhood. Now, these Dress Up and Fashion Games are available for adults as Android or iOS apps. If you like playing games where you can show your dressing skills, you are surely going to love this post.

Here, I will tell you about the 18 Best Dress Up Games for adults who love fashion. You can enjoy these fashion games on your Android or iOS mobile, or even on your PC.

Best Dress Up Games for Adults Who Love Fashion

You can play different types of games on your mobile or PC in your leisure time. Dress Up games stand among one of the most unique types of games. These types of games are usually popular among children, but now you can also play them as an adult. A lot of Fashion game developers are now designing games focused on adults. We have collected all such games through thorough research.

You can play these Dress Up simulation games specially designed for adults in your free time. There will be endless things you can do in these like changing outfits, characters, designing things, and clicking pictures of your virtual models. Some of these games even let you connect with your friends and play together.

1. Fashion Fever 2

Fashion Fever 2 is the successor of the popular Dress Up game Fashion Fever, and it is way more incredible than its predecessor. If you like creating unique dressing styles, then this is the perfect game for you. You can choose the genre, figure, hair color, facial features, skin color, and each and everything of your character.

You can make them dress up the way you want without any limitations. The more creative you can get, the better your model will look.

Download For: Android | iOS

2. Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is a dress-up game for adults that allows them to play while connecting with their friends. You have to design and dress up your character in glamorous styles, and you can even go shopping in the game for over 175 brands. The shopping feature allows you to explore an infinite number of styles.

If you have a group of friends who are interested in playing fashion games, this the perfect game you can enjoy with them.

Download For: Android | iOS

3. Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy is a beautiful Dress Up game that takes you on a tour of fashion. It features a story comprising various chapters. You have to complete the tasks according to your fashion-sense, create your own designs, and unlock new chapters.

This game also features styling challenges based on new fashion trends. You can participate in these along with your friends to compete against them.

Download For: Android | iOS

4. Fashion Empire

Fashion Empire is a high-rated dressing game that allows you to dress up your character for various events. It offers a massive collection of dresses and accessories that you can use for your model. You can change their skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and many other things.

Along with this, you will have to decide if your model will become a singer, actress, or a top model, and she will also have a boutique to handle.

Download For: Android | iOS

5. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a dress-up role-playing game featuring the wildly popular star Kim Kardashian. It allows you to explore Kim’s world of fashion. You can create your own star, dress it up with new fashion and trends, and make her the rising star.

You can visit beautiful places, clubs, hotels, walk on the red carpet, meet other celebrities, and live your life as a celeb in a virtual world. It is one of the best fashion games available for mobile.

Download For: Android | iOS

6. Super Stylist

Super Stylist is a fashion story game that is completely based on styling and dressing your clients. You have to work as a professional stylist aiming to build a large client base with your fabulous makeup and styling skills. You have to run your fashion stylist business.

If you love playing these kinds of games where you have a virtual career, you are definitely going to love this wonderful styling game.

Download For: Android | iOS

7. Fashion Superstar Dress Up

Fashion Superstar Dress Up is a marvelous game where you have to create a unique design of clothes and try them on. You can add exciting prints on your clothes, select colors, and even add text. You can also add your logo, picture, and your motto.

It is the perfect game to show off your skills as a fashion designer. After designing and trying the creative clothing, you can also save pictures of your model.

Download For: Android | iOS

8. Love Nikki

Love Nikki is another fashion game having an intriguing storyline. You have to play Nikki, a girl who is going to travel to seven countries of the world to discover new trends of fashion and dressing up. You will discover thousands of appealing outfits, and beautiful accessories to use.

This game also features dress-up battles where you can compete against other designers to win prizes. You can even play it with your friends and complete in-game activities together.

Download For: Android | iOS

Full List of Dress Up Games/Fashion Games for Adults

Here is a complete list of all 18 best Dress Up and Fashion Games for adults.

  1. Fashion Fever 2: Android | iOS
  2. Covet Fashion: Android | iOS
  3. Fashion Fantasy: Android | iOS
  4. Fashion Empire: Android | iOS
  5. Kim Kardashian Hollywood: Android | iOS
  6. Super Stylist: Android | iOS
  7. Fashion Superstar Dress Up: Android | iOS
  8. Love Nikki: Android | iOS
  9. International Fashion Stylist: Android | iOS
  10. Dress Up Game Stylist: Android | iOS
  11. College Girls Team Makeover: Android | iOS
  12. Cindy’s Dressup Friends: Android
  13. Mystic Prince Dress Up: Android | iOS
  14. PitzMaker: Android 
  15. Shopping Mall Girl: Android | iOS
  16. LadyPopular: Android | iOS
  17. Pocket Clothier: Android
  18. The Sims: Mobile: Android | iOS

You can enjoy playing these to re-live the moments of your childhood and hone your dressing skills.

How to Play Dress Up Games on your PC?

If you want to play Dress Up games on your computer, instead of your mobile, there are many options available. The three best options will be:

  • Download Fashion Games on your PC and enjoy them.
  • Play Online Dress Up Games for PC on sites like these: site 1, site 2, etc.
  • Use an Android Emulator like BlueStacks, Nox App Player, etc, and enjoy all the games listed above on your PC.

I’d recommend using the second and third options as they will present a vast collection of games that you can enjoy, and there isn’t much hassle to download them.

Final Words

Dress Up Games are fun to play when you are someone who loves fashion. These are the top 18 fashion games that you can enjoy playing in your leisure time. The best part is you can play these from the comfort of your mobile. If you need some more suggestions after trying all of these, let me know using the comment box.

That’s it for this post. I hope you find it interesting and helpful. Feel free to share any opinions about it.