Beginner’s Guide to Live Casinos

person's left palm about to catch black dice

The online casino has been around since the 1990s, albeit it did not really take off in terms of widespread popularity until the new century. Live casino is a more recent variant on the basic template, though.

That standard format for online casino gaming pits the player against electronic games of roulette, blackjack, or poker with the game-play determined by an algorithm. By contrast, a live casino makes use of a video stream link to introduce other human beings – whether it is rival players, a card dealer, or both.

This is something that was first added to some online casinos about a decade ago and which has become ever more popular with players since then. Below you will find a guide to playing these live online games for new players.

What Exactly Does Playing Live Casino Involve?

A live casino is not something separate from the main online casino. The big providers of this type of internet iGaming usually incorporate live games as part of their overall selection. 

That means you will access live casino gaming for the first time by setting up an account with an online casino site. Most of them will have their live games offerings highlighted separately within the games section, so it will be easy to find them.

The key difference between them and the usual casino games is that other people are involved. When you click on them, a live video stream will launch that connects you to a dealer and – in some cases – to other players. 

Live casino games generally also provide you with chat options during the game to further allow for connecting with your opponents or with the dealer. They can be considered a sub-section of an online casino that adds some of the face-to-face human element that you would get at a casino in the real world.

The Featured Games

Not all online casino games will be featured as live casino options. Slots are not part of it, as these are solitary games anyway. 

The ones most often featured are:

  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

That is because the thrill of table games like these can be enhanced by the addition of other people. These are all games that were originally designed to involve multiple human beings, whereas slot games were not.

So what actually happens in the live online versions of each of these games?

Video Poker

This is probably the most well-known type of live casino game, and it sees you connect to other players in a poker game or tournament via video stream and chat. Almost all casino sites will have several versions of poker available as a live game, including the Stud variants and Texas Hold’em.

Live video poker is tougher than standard online poker as you will come up against experienced players face-to-face rather than just algorithms. It is essential to know the rules of the game and to have some experience if you don’t want to lose your bankroll.


The live version of this casino game is simpler than poker. You link up to an in-person dealer through a video stream of the sort that online casinos are recording 24 hours a day.

Otherwise, the game is the same, but you get to watch the wheel spin and see for yourself where the ball lands. It is more akin to playing roulette at your local casino.


Live online blackjack rules are still the same – it is all about trying to get a hand of cards that adds up to 21 or as near as possible. The main difference for a newcomer is that, rather than algorithms shuffling virtual cards electronically, you will have a flesh and blood dealer doing it.

Live casino blackjack usually also involves betting against other players, which adds more excitement to the mix.

How to Get the Most Out of Live Casino

As you can see, the principle of a live casino is easy to grasp – it is just an online casino plus video technology to let you gamble with other real people. However, there are certain things that you should look for if you want to enjoy the best possible live casino experience.

Casino reputation

Stick with established ones like Virgin Games that you can trust to pay quickly and provide healthy welcome bonuses.

Customer service

Any online activity will sometimes lead to glitches, which is why a responsive customer service department is so important. You will want to be able to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Games choice

A good live casino should really have several poker, roulette, and blackjack games available to play. Being able to choose from a broad selection will make your experience more memorable.

Set limits

You will have a bankroll when you first sign up to play at a live casino. Make sure that you stick within that in terms of what you spend.

Have the sense and strength to quit while you are ahead too. There will always be another night.

Ease of use

One thing that the top live casinos have in common is that they are well laid out and straightforward to navigate. From creating your account to finding the games you want, it should be quick and easy.

Hopefully, this has given you the main information needed about live casinos. Now it is time to go and start playing.