Unusual Facts About the History of Casinos and Gambling

people in gaming room

A casino is a place where everyone can try their luck and experience the feeling of excitement. The history of the casino itself contains many curious facts about the players and gambling at Vulkanbet in general. Those will be covered further below.

The first slot machine was installed in an automobile workshop

The first slot machine was invented by car mechanic Charles Fey in 1895. This invention was made far beyond Las Vegas. The inventor called it the “Liberty Bell.” It was installed in Charles Fey’s workshop, which was located in San Francisco. 

Customers could play on it while Fay fiddled with their cars. Soon the casinos found out about the invention. They started using slot machines so their customers wouldn’t get bored waiting for tables to become free.

At the moment, casino Vulkan slots are widespread throughout the world and bring huge profits to those who develop new ones.

Fruit symbols in slot machines

The image of fruit among the symbols of slot machines has long been traditional. However, the history of their appearance on slot machine screens is quite interesting.

At the end of the 19th century, the United States banned all kinds of gambling. At that time, instead of slot machines, “fruit machines” appeared on the streets of American cities, which gave out winnings in gum and candy with fruit flavors. If a combination of cherries appeared on the screen, the player would receive cherry gum. This also worked with other fruit and berry symbols.

In 1931, the gambling ban was lifted, and slot machines started to give cash winnings. But the usual symbols of fruit decided to keep the memory of the old days.

Casino in prison

In the American state of Nevada, gambling is so popular that even imprisoned criminals have access to it. From 1932 to 1967, there was an operating casino in prison in Carson City.

Prisoners could play craps, blackjack, and poker there. They also placed bets on sporting events. However, after 35 years of existence, the prison casino was closed, and gambling was declared a “degradation for prisoners.”

The first license to open a casino was obtained by a woman

Contrary to the stereotype that in the early days of casinos, only wealthy men owned casinos, the first license to open a casino was obtained by a woman. Mamie Stoker opened the Southern Club in September 1920, as her husband Harold was a railway worker and didn’t want his name on such papers.

Despite this, both he and their three sons worked for the Southern Club from the start. At the time, gambling was illegal, and so the Stokers only offered their customers five legal activities – stadium poker, draw poker, lowball poker, bridge, and the “500.”

Roulette from hell

Roulette is a vital part of any casino. Some players call it infernal because if you add up the numbers on the sides, you get 666, the number of the devil.