How to change AFK time in Lost Ark?

If you’re unsure how to change AFK time in Lost Ark, we will assist you with this tutorial. Unfortunately, it’s tough to offer servers that have infinite capacity. 

Game developers typically set up their servers according to the number of players they can handle. However, this doesn’t always work.

There’s a lot of hype about it within just 24 hours of the game’s release. Lost Ark has become the second most played game in Steam in the history of Steam. 

If you’re looking to play this popular MMORPG, it is possible to check the requirements for your system on this page. In addition, if you’d like to find out what classes are the most popular for the sport currently, We’ve got you covered. 

Download the game by clicking here. If you don’t own a Windows 11 P.C., playing Lost Ark on Mac is possible.

If a big-scale game is generally released, it’s a source of excitement and more traffic on servers. Unfortunately, this seems like the situation with Lost Ark, too, with players complaining of difficulties connecting to the game.

In a preventive manner, even though having there are more servers, that may appear to be the only choice. However, there are options to make sure that everyone can enjoy Lost Ark during its busiest moments by using a variety of tools.

Lost Ark provides the AFK timeout, which permits you to be taken from the game if you have been idle for too long. If you’re at the front of the line, they won’t remove you due to being among the AFK players.

However, we wouldn’t suggest changing the AFK timer’s design in letting others have fun in Lost Ark. There will occur instances when you’ll know precisely.

Therefore, when you are returning, you won’t be opposed to being removed. Also, you can make specific settings.

How to change AFK time in Lost Ark?

AFK time

The AFK timer may not look appealing at first, but it provides an abundance of flexibility and lets players customize the way it behaves.

These steps will change your AFK time in Lost Ark:

  • Start your Main Menu.
  • Input Settings.
  • Click on the Gameplay tab.
  • Select the Controls, and Display.
  • Search for AFK Settings.
  • Create a time you’d like to have your AFK timer to be finished at.