Affordable CS:GO Skin – USP-S Stainless

Are you a CS: GO fan? If so, you probably know about the whole ecosystem of CS: GO skin trading, which takes place both on Steam and the third-party marketplaces. Now, spending hours playing your favorite game doesn’t seem a waste of time because every victory and upgrade brings you closer to a beneficial deal. In this article, we will not take your time explaining the economy of CS: GO trading, but will directly proceed to review the USP-S Stainless Skin.

What is the USP-S Model?

The USP-S is a semi-automatic gun in CS: GO that can be equipped with a silencer. It is issued to special forces at the beginning of the game. It is known for its precise reliability and excellent shooting accuracy. As for the cons, players complain about the huge size of the gun, which has a high gravity center and a massive shutter that makes concealed carrying difficult even in a classic version.

The USP-S stainless model was first released in the Arms Deal 3 update, becoming the reintroduction of the same model from the previous games of the series. It is considered a counterpart to the usual P2000. As for the silencer, it is provided by default, but you can detach it whenever you want. However, most gamers prefer to use the silencer because it provides higher accuracy and efficiency when shooting. The only argument in favor of removing the silencer is to decrease the length of the gun, which simplifies stealth around corners. Here are the main pros of this weapon:

  • Free pistol for SWAT;
  • The damage is much higher than the initial pistol for terrorists;
  • High accuracy;
  • The silencer makes the shots much quieter, not letting the enemy know where the fire is coming from.


  • Low fire rate;
  • Nearly half the ammo compared to the terrorists’ starting pistol;
  • Less effective against armored players;
  • Too small ammunition compared to its counterpart, P2000.

Description of the USP-S Stainless Skin

The pistol’s body is black except for the slide, which is made of stainless steel. That’s why the skin also has the word “stainless” in the name, which distinguishes it from the alternatives. The wear-out signs appear already in the new state, and after a while, a layer of patina starts to appear on the body. The skin also has a StatTrak feature, so you can track all the necessary indicators. As of today, this skin has average popularity. The price range varies from $1.96 to $64.52. The most expensive skin is USP-S | Stainless (Factory New).

The StatTrak feature immediately increases the price of the skin. For instance, the Factory New basic skin costs about $20, while the StatTrak gun already costs more than $70. Whatever your choice, an unforgettable gaming experience is guaranteed.