5 reasons for you to buy a LoL account

The League of Legends is arguably one of the most popular multiplayer games across the gaming world. And for the last ten years, real-time Esports has continually attracted millions of players who love to explore the exciting gameplay in the League of Legends.

In this competitive video game, you can explore more than 157 characters. And 2022 is off to an exciting start, as fans of the League of Legends are eagerly waiting for more electrifying characters slated for release in 2022. Among the characters is the Zaunite Marksman, Zeri, with new champion abilities and lethal weaponry.

Here’s why you should buy a level 30 League of Legends Smurf account and join in the fun of online gaming.

You have the opportunity to choose more Champions. 

A lol account comes with a ranked-ready mode that gives you a lot of choices when accessing the game mode. You can choose enough champions to start you off, offering you new and exciting experiences. As you progress, you will require different skills, and with more practice, you will master your abilities in the League of Legends with increasing ease.

But rather than starting at beginner level, it’s much better to buy a level 30 lol account, where all the fun begins. At this level, you jump right into the thrilling action of playing ranked matches without the hustle of leveling up from the start. A ranked account saves you lots of gameplay, up to 150 hours that you would need to reach level 30.

You can also choose from a range of super cool skins with unique visual art and effects. Some skins can give your champions new characteristics and voice-overs, making the gameplay more intriguing.

You can save more by buying a lol Account. 

Although buying a level 30 account may cost you a small fortune, the additional features that come with using a ranked account are worth every penny. Typically, it costs $30 to buy a level 30 account, and in return, you get more heroes and characters.

Should you choose to start from level 1, it will take you more time if you don’t have much experience, and your account is likely to get worse rather than leveling up. A level 30 account, on the other hand, saves you time and frustration by giving you more experience instantly.

A lol account gives you more options, as you can play with opponents in different countries and regions. Additionally, you can have multiple leagues of legends accounts for convenience.

You have fun playing teams in the League of Legends.

This real-time game encourages teamwork as teams explore different quests in the game. And with every win, it’s more encouraging and satisfying for the players. It’s much more fun playing with players with matching expertise, and there’s never a dull moment during the gameplay.

And since the gamers are playing long-term as they level up, the League of Legends receives regular updates. Among them are new champions and characters. The maps also get an update now and then, with high-quality visuals, and every game is refreshing and different so that the players don’t get bored.

Ideally, lol matches you to similar level players so you won’t feel outranked and alienated, and with time you get the hang of it. This matching is one of the best features that the game offers you.

While it’s easy to get carried away in choosing the best possible champs and power-ups, it’s easy to get exhausted after a few hours of gameplay, especially if you’re not a pro gamer. Long before you lose interest in playing the League of Legends, remember the main reason for playing is to have fun while competing with your peers.

With all the hype surrounding the competitive lol scene, and the excitement of watching your favorite pro gamers pull off an easy win, it’s easy to forget the hours of play these gamers put in to become so talented.

As you jump into a ranked game, take time to pick up new skills and have fun while you’re at it.

You can try your Luck at the League of Legends Championship. 

The league of legends tournament is a popular event in the electronic sports world, with various tournaments taking place worldwide. And you can play your part in it. RIOT Games released the 2022 clash schedule earlier this year, giving teams enough time to coordinate and strategize on their gameplay.

Team finalists in the league of legends world championship get the chance to take home a fortune in prize money, not to mention the fame and recognition across the world of gaming and beyond.

One of the major takeaways is the thrill and excitement of attracting millions of online viewers during the worldwide event.

And it doesn’t end there. During the lol world championship, you can participate in the Pick’Em Challenge, where you predict the teams that will win in the different categories of the tournament. For every correct guess, you can win some big prizes.

There are five reward tiers, with increasing difficulty predicting matches and equally higher rewards as you go up the tiers. The Perfect Pick Prize is the highest achievement you can reach. And in this rather unlikely event of a perfect prediction, you get an Alienware Aurora gamer PC and 5 Ultimate Skins.

But there’s more. You can get rewards by achieving watch missions on selected platforms, where you watch several matches and get rewarded. The first match should be live. Watching live gamer action can also sharpen your player skills as you pick up new tricks from pro players across the world.

You can recalibrate your rank with a new account.

When playing calibrating lol matches, a teammate may troll around while caring less about winning or losing, compromising your account ranking. And once your Nexus breaks down, you can’t undo the damage. This outcome leaves you with the option of counting your loss and replaying the level, hoping for better results in the next match.

Having different lol accounts makes such an event less impactful, saves you on time, and offers you the opportunity to get ranked matches, with a chance at a better outcome this time around. And as you play higher levels, the action gets more competitive, with your teammates giving their best performance in their respective roles.

In some events, you may also lose your account, for instance, when you forget your credentials, and consequently, you have to wait for the support team to log you back into the account. While you wait for everything to get sorted out, you may be unavailable to continue playing the league of legends.

And since you can’t predict how long you have to wait to get your original lol account back, you might as well get a Smurf account. A ranked account should give you the freedom to get back into the ranked matches and get back into the gaming action.

In Conclusion,

Ranked lol accounts are the ideal avenue for playing your favorite action characters without spending hours of your time to level up. Buying a Smurf account from Unranked Smurfs guarantees a lifetime warranty, live and reliable online support should you encounter any problems, and most importantly, lots of fun playing your favorite online game with other gamers across the world.

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