10 Best Non GamStop Crypto Games to Earn Real Money

There are a lot of different play-to-earn crypto games that can be interesting to play for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps the most important of all is that these games are available even to GamStop players. Best casinos without Gamstop you can find on Gamnlingpro.pro. However, since the selection of games mainly depends on the players’ tastes, this makes this list subject to the personal choice of the players. What is a fantastic game that offers great opportunities for one person, may not work for another? So, see what works for you. Research carefully whether a game is something for you by first playing a free version if possible, or investing a small amount. We have included various play-to-earn games in the list to show how diverse the blockchain gaming industry is developing.

Axie Infinity

The play-to-earn game is, without a doubt, Axie Infinity. This game has broken records in several ways. Both the monsters themselves and the Axie Infinity (AXS) token are successful on the NFT and crypto exchange. It would be best if you had the Axie token in the game to purchase assets, but you can also earn these tokens.

The whole game revolves around the Axie NFT monsters that you can collect. You can also play with this or cross the Axie to create new monsters. Axie Infinity was developed by a Vietnamese team of developers and released by game development company Sky Mavis.

Defi Kingdoms

This is a game with a lot of fantasy elements, but it actually revolves around some lucrative Defi applications. For example, Defi Kingdoms has a decentralized exchange; you can stake and borrow (make tokens available in a liquidity pool for fees). So it’s a bit like Wall Street but in a Lord of the Rings setting.

Of course, the game also has real games, like quests, that allow you to win prizes. You can have these quests undertaken by your NFT Hero. You can collect and cross these Heroes. Defi Kingdoms is still in development, and that makes it an exciting game to keep an eye on. Put on your evil eye necklace, stay calm, and enjoy this fantastic game.

Plant vs. Undead

One game that is gaining more and more name recognition is Plants vs. Undead, a game that involves the battle between zombies or undead and plants. The game is a tower defense game. In this game, you have to defend something or someone against enemy types. In Pvt, you have to prevent zombies from crossing the playing field. You are also busy taking care of plants. Here you get a PVU token for which you can trade on various exchanges. The large community is remarkable about this game, mainly because it is not yet fully operational. This promises something for the future.

Farmers World

Of course, having a farm under your care in the virtual world is not entirely new. But in Farmers World, your hard work on your farms actually pays off. You need tools to grow and harvest crops. These are NFTs. With this you can, as it were, harvest your tokens. To get tools you can buy them on the marketplace. This game isn’t fully operational yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what new features have to offer. The plan is that initially you can grow crops and keep and breed cows and chickens.

The Sandbox

One of the first play-to-earn games is The Sandbox. The game was already developed in 2011. The Sandbox is more than a single game, it’s better to think of it as a metaverse, where you can mainly play social games. This means that anyone can add games and elements to the world. Elements from the entertainment industry are also added in this way. There is also a Walking Dead land, just like the TV series. Rapper and NFT collector Snoop Dogg sometimes throws a party in The Sandbox. You can earn income in The Sandbox by trading assets, especially land. Striking the native token Sand (SAND) can also generate income.


CryptoBlades is one of the flagship blockchain games. The game is released by Riveted Games. This Game development company also has other projects running, such as Alien Worlds. With CryptoBlades you go into battle with monsters. You can make your own NFT weapons to use in your battles, but also to sell. The game has been live since spring 2021.


This is a game that is particularly popular with football fans. Sorare is primarily a collectible game. It is about football pictures as you may know from the past. But with these NFT pictures, the real results of the football players are also tracked. With the cards, you can put together a virtual team and you can participate in competitions with this team.

How can you earn and profit from this game? First of all, you can earn money by collecting and trading the NFT trading cards. But with your team, you can also participate in competitions and get prize money. Sorare is also built on the Ethereum network. Ronaldo’s card is the most expensive sold to date. The sloppy USD 290,000 does not come close to the real Ronaldo, but it is still a nice amount.

Blankos Block Party

“Not a legend at all. It’s a party!” This game is especially praised for its beautiful layout and high-quality execution. This also makes Blankos Block Party a very enjoyable game to play. The game is published by Mythical Games. This game is still under development. It already has a number of collaborations with international brands, such as the fashion label Burberry. This partnership for NFT collectibles usually produces popular NFTs that do well in the market. In the game itself, you can generate income through mini-games called block parties. Participation is free.


In this game with merry ghosts, you earn by using defi applications such as a strike. Aavegotchi also has several mini-games you can use to generate income. Furthermore, the Aavegotchi ghosts are collectible NFTs that can be traded. It’s a fun project from one of the AAVE founders; he is an advisor to the development team.

Neon District

Neon District is a city in a dystopian future that emerged after the fall of old economic systems and the rise of the decentralized world. It doesn’t get much happier if we can believe the teaser, but it does get much more exciting. The game is still developing and stands out because of the beautiful graphics. This is a battle game where you can earn your assets by fighting against other opponents.

It is a project of Blockade Games. This game is free to play. Assets, weapons, and clothing are in NFT form; you can earn them and buy them. The investments are also traded via OpenSea.