How To Make Minecraft Saddle Recipe In Minecraft 2020 | The Best Way

What Are Minecraft Saddle Recipes

how to make a saddle in minecraft

Those who are playing Minecraft know the real value of a saddle, and because of that, everyone wants to know the Minecraft saddle recipe. If you’re going to ride animals like horses, donkey, pig, or Mule to get ahead in the game, you need to have a saddle for it. Saddles also help you to ride on these animals and go ahead without any problem. However, getting it in Minecraft is not that easy since you know it. As saddles in the Minecraft can’t be crafted, you will have to find them at the right location. To make it easy for those people searching for Minecraft saddle recipes, we shared some ways to get saddles.

What Is Saddle In Minecraft And Where Can You Find It?

The saddle is used to ride a mob in the Minecraft game. By utilizing a saddle, you can tour various animals in the game and get ahead of your competitors. Even though many people know what saddle in Minecraft is, they don’t know where to find it. Finding a saddle in Minecraft might seem to be a tricky thing, but it’s not. If there is one thing that requires getting the saddle in Minecraft, it’s patience.

Minecraft saddle is located at different locations varying from one mode to another mode. Some gamers get impatient about finding it, and they don’t give areas in the game that much importance.

The best place where you will be able to find the saddle in Minecraft’s creative mode for java editions is transportation. The correct location depends on what version of Minecraft you are using in your system.

There are some animals in the Minecraft for which you don’t need a craft saddle because they have their own. That might sound surprising for some users, but some mobs indeed carry their saddles.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that you should try not to kill any mob in the Minecraft. Since killing a mod diminishes the chances of dining saddle in the game, and later uses it.

How To Create Minecraft Saddle Using Command

There are some recipes through which you can get the saddle and use it better than any of your competitors. If you have never used or known Minecraft commands, give it a try.

Even if there are tons of ways to get a saddle, using commands to get the Minecraft saddle is one of the best. In this, you need to put just the right command, and you will have the option to get as many saddles as you want.

In Minecraft version 1.38 or 1.18, you can use the following command to get the saddle.

/give @players name saddle 1, here the number represents how many saddles do you want to possess. Replace the number, and get more seats.

How To Create Saddle In Minecraft

Even if you want to know more about getting saddles in Minecraft, pay some attention to the methods listed below, and you will be able to create a seat in various ways.

  • Searching Treasure Chest To Get The Saddle
  • Trading Emerald For Minecraft Saddle
  • Enabling Cheats In Minecraft
  • Start Fishing
  • Find Nether Fortress Chest
  • Locate Saddle In Village Blacksmith’s Building

Solution 1:- Searching Treasure Chest To Get The Saddle.

Searching for treasure chests in Minecraft is still one of the best ways to get the saddle. You can try looking for a chest in the following places like End City, Desert Temple, Jungle Temple, and Village Tannery.

how to ride a horse in minecraft

Getting a treasure chest for finding a saddle will work for you because there are chances that you will find one in some of the chests for sure.

A trivial fact regarding this thing is that there is a 2.5% probability that you will find a saddle in stronghold altar chests, 28.3 in dungeon chests, 12.9% in jungle temples, 13.3% in the end city. So keep looking for these chests that, if you are lucky, will get a saddle.

Solution 2:- Trading Emerald For Minecraft Saddle

If you are quite rich, no in real life but in the minecraft   game then you have a higher chance of getting your desired saddle. Trading emerald for saddle is not a new thing, and if you’ve got the capability then do it.

 how to craft a saddle in survival craft

If you are quite wealthy, no in real life, but in the Minecraft game, you will have a higher chance of getting your desired saddle. Trading emerald for a saddle is not a new thing, and if you’ve got the capability, then do it.

Solution 3:- Enabling Cheats In Minecraft

You can enable the cheats in the Minecraft world you have created to get the saddle. However, the use of allowing cheats depends upon whether you created your world or not.

If you are creating a new world, then while creating it, give it permission for accessing cheats from the create world menu.

However, if you have created the world in the Minecraft game, then follow these steps.

  • Open the pause menu, and then select Open to LAN.
  • Then toggle Allow cheats ON option. 

When you are done that open the game in creative mode and use commands to get the saddle for the player.

Solution 4:- Start Fishing

Some users like to fish a lot, and if you are one of them, then give it a try. However, there is quite less say like only 1% of chances to get the saddle while you are fishing. If you got some good luck, you would be able to find it quickly. Still, if you don’t want to waste time, later try to use other methods to get the saddle.

minecraft lead recipe

Solution 5:- Find Nether Fortress Chest

Getting a saddle in either fortress is still one of the best ways. What you need to do is to find a nether fortress chest and get a saddle in it.

pig with saddle minecraft

When you enter the nether world, make a portal through it to get the nether fortress chest. When you find a fortress, it becomes quite more comfortable to get a chest also. Many people found the saddle in nether fortress chest, even though it’s tough but worth spending the time on.

Solution 6:- Locate Saddle In Village Blacksmith’s Building

Locating and finding a saddle in a village blacksmith’s building is still done by some users. There are more or less 14-16 percent chances that you will stumble upon a saddle in a village blacksmith’s building.

Final Words-

So these are some of the best methods to find the saddle in Minecraft. You can still be able to get saddle by using the recipes mentioned above. There is no exact Minecraft saddle recipe available for getting a saddle. So you have to choose the options mentioned above to get the saddle. If you have any doubt or question, then leave a comment below. Also Check – How to Fix Minecraft LAN Not Working