How to Fix Minecraft LAN Not Working in 2020| 7 Best 100% Working Method

Minecraft LAN Not Working?? Let’s Fix it. Minecraft LAN not working is the standard error faced by gamers while playing Minecraft. If you are trying to access multiplayer, and not get it because of this error, then we know how you feel. If the internet connection through which you are trying to access the game is not stable, you stumbled upon LAN now working type of errors in Minecraft. There are two types of LAN connection available, either wired or wireless. If the LAN connection from your side is not working correctly, you will get this frustrating error, and we explained here how you could fix it.

What Are The Reasons Behind Minecraft LAN Not Working

The problem of getting lan not working in Minecraft might seem simple, but it involves lots of complexities. There are more than just one reason that is causing this problem, which we have described below, and solutions also.

  • If the network discovery feature in your system is activated, then that could be the primary reason why you are facing this issue.
  • If there are more than one network connection being used to play the Minecraft game, users can sometimes not play the game appropriately.
  • Windows firewall can disrupt the working of Minecraft, and you will not be able to access it for some security reasons.
  • The Minecraft version that we are trying to play on could be outdated, and updating it will fix this problem.

How To Fix Minecraft LAN Not Working Error| The Best Way.

As explained above, there could be various reasons why you are facing this error. However, it would help if you tried to follow the solutions mentioned below since they will be able to help you.

  1. Check Windows Firewall
  2. Update Network Drivers
  3. Same Network Connection Is Used
  4. Make Sure Everyone Using Single IP Address
  5. Check For The Minecraft Version
  6. Disable AP Isolation
  7. Direct Connect To The Host

Method 1:- Check Windows Firewall

Sometimes the Windows firewall will prevent Minecraft from working for some security issues. If the game you are trying to play is not allowed in the firewall, make sure to do it. In this case, you have to make sure that a Minecraft executable file named “javaw.exe” is allowed in the firewall settings, here is how to do it.

  • Go to the Control panel>Windows defender firewall>allow app for the feature through windows defender firewall.

minecraft lan not working windows 10

  • Then make sure the javaw.exe file is checked, and if not, then click on Settings and then check on the option next to jawaw.exe. If there are more than one file, check all of them along with public and private boxes, as shown below.

minecraft lan not working mac

Method 2:- Update Network Drivers

Sometimes LAN connections might not work correctly if the network drivers are not upto to date or faulty. Make sure you have updated the network drivers to get the excellent internet connection.

Many users said after updating new network drivers; they fixed this LAND related issue in Minecraft. You can update drivers either manually or by using third party softwares, so choose accordingly.

Method 3:- Same Network Connection Is Used

Sometimes players who are in the house might be connected to the game via different network connections. If you and your friends are using the various network connections to access the game, then try to make sure to fix it.

Make sure every computer is connected to Minecraft using the same network, and if this doesn’t work for you, go ahead and check the next solution.

Method 4:- Make Sure Everyone Using Single IP Address

Sometimes your computer might connect to two different network connections having different IPs. If your system is connected to wired or wireless network connection at the same time, then also you will stumble upon the issue. In such a case, try to make sure that your computer connected to the game has a single IP, and if it doesn’t fix the problem, keep reading.

Method 5:- Check For The Minecraft Version

Sometimes players don’t pay much attention to which version of Minecraft they are playing the game. If you are using a different version than teammates, you will not be able to play the game properly.

You can follow the steps described below to check the version of your Minecraft game and make changes to it.

  • Open Minecraft launcher.
  • Then click on the Edit profile option.

minecraft lan connection timed out

  • Then select the correct version from the drop menu option available.

minecraft lan connection refused

Method 6:- Disable AP Isolation

Some users who use wireless internet connection face the LAN issue because of the AP isolation (Access point) feature. If the router you are using to access the internet has enabled the AP isolation security feature, it will disrupt connection with Minecraft servers. As a result, even if you can surf the internet, there will be LAN not working errors shown on your desktop screen.

You can check the router manual to see how to disable the AP isolation feature since the method to do it varies from what the company’s router you are using.

Method 7:- Direct Connect To The Host Computer

If things are not going well, you can always try to connect your system to the host computer manually. In this method, you will have to manually enter the IP address and the game port to make a connection, and here is how to do it.

  • Press Windows key+R to open the run command.

minecraft lan not working xbox one

  • Then type cmd in the search box.

minecraft 1.16 lan not working

  • Type ipconfig and hit the Enter.
  • Then find the IP4 address of that computer. It generally starts with 192.168.1.

minecraft lan connection timed out: no further information

  • When you launch the game on the host computer, you will find the game port number.

minecraft lan not working mac to pc

  • If you see options like below, click on “direct connect,” Enter the IP address with the game port number.

minecraft lan not working

Final Words-

So these are some working methods that will resolve the frustrating Minecraft LAN, not working error. If you cannot see any improvement even after implementing the solutions mentioned above, then the problem could be more technical, and you need to take the technician’s help. If you have any doubts regarding the solutions, then leave a comment below. Also Check – How To Make Minecraft Saddle Recipe In Minecraft