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Peak automatically detects with Body IQ™

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Peak is the only fitness & sleep tracker to automatically detect your sleeping cycles, including REM & deep sleep.

Offering you in-depth data on the quality of your night's sleep.

  • Automatic sleep detection, just fall asleep wearing Peak.

  • Understand sleep trends based on your ongoing average.

  • Both heart rate & accelerometer data combine to provide rich sleep insights.

  • Set habits to build consistent sleep patterns.

Developed in partnership with leading academic institutions

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Peak uses Basis' habit system to help you make small but powerful changes to your sleep or activity patterns.

Peak automatically adjusts weekly goals based on your performance.

Habit notifications on your phone or wrist when you’re on track or need a nudge.

    Habits for
  • Improving your sleep
  • Being more active
  • Burning more calories
  • and many more...

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Peak is designed to be the ultimate fitness and sleep tracker with up to 4 day battery life and water resistance up to 5 ATM.

  • Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Skin Temperature
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer

High Contrast Touch Screen Made With Gorilla Glass 3™

Water resistant up to 5 ATM

Up to 4 day battery life

Wireless Connectivity over Bluetooth Smart™

iOS or Android required
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