ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Tier List

ZIO The Magic Scrolls The Magic Scrolls is a new RPG game inspired by the concept “Magic must be for humans.”

 ZIO is the protagonist in the game. He has lost all his powers as he fights against the evil spells of Ramstein.

 However, he’s left with a powerful ability to create a magical scroll that any person can use for the good of humankind!

If you’re looking to learn more about ZIO and the other characters of the game, then you’re at the right spot.

 These are the ZIO And the Magic Scrolls Heroes Tier listing that lists all the best characters within the game. So take a look at the table below and be aware of the best characters in the game.

ZIO And The Magic Scrolls Tier List – Jan 2022

Heroes Description

Anton’s – Anton is the most potent wizard, now an old mage. Anton additionally has a large barrel-sized Dragon which he can utilize to play the game.

Bono – Bono has a charming boy who looks like an adorable 4-year-old but is 14. He works for Madonna and has been fighting with ZIO regarding the sales of Magic Scrolls.

Inca- has the power of a magician of all curses. She is an interesting character who comes across ZIO when she learns about ZIO The Black’.

Mei – Mei has fallen in love with ZIO. She is a resident of Aerok Kingdom Aerok, the best knowledgeable person in The Anich Family.

Mitchel – Mitchel is a hero of the game who has an aspiration to die for ZIO. However, it isn’t likely to achieve it since Zio can use Buno to protect him and escape the curse.

Olivia – Olivia is an Elf who has fallen into an induced coma following the key that seals Ramstein. ZIO is in love with Olivia and therefore has utilized his mana to keep her alive.

Petnak – Petnak has the power of a priestess who reveres the god of Sand and Lavadium. She can create a curse-free area and see the future.

Ramstein – He is a formidable wizard who was sealed during the 3rd war. However, he is extremely strong and powerful, and he is skilled at closing the dragons and fighting them. So, some heroes opt to let him go to help humanity and solve their troubles.

Silvia – Silvia is a brand new member who has joined ZIO’s mission. She often gets in trouble because of her reckless actions. She is part of the Steel Rainbow and is a formidable hero in ZIO and The Magic Scrolls.

Sumima – Sumima is a rival to Anton, a strong hero in the game who can create numerous scrolls.

ZIO – ZIO is the owner of the business of the magical scroll called Manadonna . 

In addition, ZIO has the role of the principal character of the game, who has lost all of his magic powers.

This is all you must be aware of ZIO and The Magic Scrolls tier list.