Is There a Baby Steps Season 3

Fans have questioned what happened to Baby Steps Season 3, given how many sports anime continue to be successful. 

The renowned tennis programme had a fair amount of community support in 2015, but since its second season, there haven’t been any updates. 

As a result, this guide will describe the anime’s present state and answer your queries concerning the next episode.

Is There a Baby Steps Season 3? Answered

Due to the lack of information from Studio Pierrot, it seems that Baby Steps will not have a third season.

Fans have questioned why the show abruptly ended, given it had positive reviews and was well-liked by the public. 

Others have said that Baby Steps is a more realistic sports anime with a main character (Eiichirou Maruo) who puts in a lot of effort and comes up with clever strategies to use during tennis matches.

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Is the manga complete?

The series’ author, Hikaru Katsuki, declared the cancellation of the manga after ten years in a statement published by Anime News Network in 2017. 

With this 47th book, it has been precisely 10 years, the author writes in this remark. And it is now the last volume.

The series’ viewers won’t get to watch the Davis Cup’s next voyage, which would have seen Natsu Takasaki’s storyline continuing.

You may still read the manga if you’ve just seen the anime beginning at Chapter 181, where the show ends. However, Baby Steps doesn’t have a satisfying conclusion due to the cancellation.

That concludes our article on Baby Step’s third season and the cancellation of the manga. While you’re here, click on the appropriate links below to see different anime material, including the most recent details on Kaiju No. 8, Chainsaw Man, Dorohedoro Season 2, and other series.