How to Get Guardian Shards in Lost Ark

Get Guardian Shards in Lost Ark: Guardian Shards are an uncommon tier 2 item find in Raiders of Lost Ark. Obtaining them can be a challenge. Many players are unsure of how or where to employ them. 

These fears are reasonable, as there is a lot to accomplish in this game, and things can get complicated. So, in this article, we’ll look at how to collect Guardian Shards and how to use them in Raiders of the game.

How to Get Guardian Shards in the Game

Guardian Shards can obtain by completing Tier 2 Chaos Dungeons in this game. It is recommended that you level up your character to level 50 to access this Tier of the game.

  1. Go to East Luterra.
  2. Then, head to the Luterra Castle.
  3. Find the NPC Magick Scholar Jeneca. You can find her in the north within Market District. 
  4. Connect with her, and it will open an Exchange pop-up.
  5. Click on the 2 Tier Exchange tab.
  6. You are now able to swap the Guardian Shards for buying items. There are a variety of items that you can purchase and the price.
    • 1 Life Leapstone (Bound):60 Guardian Shard (Weekly limit: 30)
    • 1 Life Shard Pouch (L) 180 Guardian Shard (Weekly limit 5)
    • 10. Destruction Stone (Bound) 45 Guardian Shard (Weekly limit: 25)
    • 10-Guardian Stone (Bound): 15 Guardian Shard (Weekly limit: 75)
    • 1 Guardian Engraving Recipe Pouch:200 Guardian Shard (Roster limit: 20)

This guide will explain how to get and use the Guardian Shards to access Lost Ark.