Pokemon World Championships will now include more games

The annual Pokemon World Championships, when the top players from various games compete to be crowned champions, are the year’s highlight for many brand fans.

The Pokemon Company often incorporates the franchise’s many spinoffs as components of the competitive event, even though the event primarily highlights the core series games and the Pokemon Trading Card Game tournament.

According to a recent Pokemon Presents show, two more games will be added to the tournament’s schedule for 2022.

Competitive Pokemon players have eagerly anticipated the yearly tournament’s return for a long time.

The persistent effects of the COVID-19 epidemic forced the cancellation of the Pokemon World Championships in 2020 and 2021.

The Pokemon Company has already made a lot of information regarding this year’s event public, including the game rotation and the announcement that Pokken Tournament DX will not be held again after 2022.

Pokemon GO and Unite will be played at the 2022 World Championships, adding two new games to the mix.

Pokemon GO and Unite were officially added to the schedule for the 2022 World Championships at Wednesday’s Pokemon Presents event.

Two distinct age categories will compete in the Pokemon GO event, including “roughly one hundred” contestants. The Pokemon Unite competition, a part of the World Championship celebrations, will consist of sixteen teams from various areas. The Pokemon Company claims that “thousands of participants” will attend the tournament’s various events.

In addition to the top Pokemon players competing for the world champion title, the Pokemon World Championships will also include extras for fans.

According to the Wednesday presentation, the tournament will include its “largest-ever Pokemon Center pop-up store” for fans wishing to buy Pokemon products during the event.

A unique Pikachu plush paying respect to the tournament’s London locale will also be available in the stores. The weekend of August 18 to 21 will host the Pokemon World Championships later this month.

Pokemon’s most recent tournament occurred just before the series was about to transition into its next generation.

A wealth of information regarding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including its innovative type-changing Terastal gimmick and new Pokemon, was shown during the Pokemon Presents presentation.

Updates for many of Pokemon’s offshoot games, including Pokemon GO, Pokemon Unite, and Pokemon Cafe Mix, were also shown at the presentation.

More players will be able to compete at the highest level of Pokemon competition thanks to the additional events at the Pokemon World Championships.