21 Youtube Channels to Learn PUBG Mobile Like a Pro

PUBG Mobile recently celebrated its two-year anniversary. It has been two years since the game was officially launched and it is still going strong. There are many new players who try out the game, don’t understand it well, and get killed by the old players. If you are one of them, I’m presenting to you the best Youtube channels to learn PUBG Mobile. You can watch the videos on these channels and become an instant pro.

In this post, I will tell you about the 10+ Best Channels to Learn PUBG Mobile. If you are a new player who is still learning the basics, go and watch these, and you’ll be able to hold your ground against any player. Or if you are an old player, watch these and upgrade your skills.

10 Best Youtube Channels to Learn PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has a very active eSports scene. If you are an aspiring athlete, you must always keep learning and upgrading your skills. Or, if you are a rank pusher or just a casual player who plays for fun, better skills mean more kills and chicken dinners. There are many Youtube channels that teach the game in an efficient manner, explain the mechanics, and provide the best tips to be the winner. I’ve compiled a list of the best ones for you here. Give it a check and hunt down your opponents.

1. Scout

Scout is one of the best PUBG Mobile players in India. He currently plays for team Fnatic. Scout’s Youtube channel is one of the best sources to know how you should play the game. You can find various videos on the channel on topics like Assaulting, Sniping, and Spraying, and many more.

Scout regularly live stream’s classic and custom matches. If you want to become a professional player, you should watch him regularly to acquire the right attitude of an eSports player.

2. Snax

Snax is another eSports player from India who is a beast assaulter as well as a keen sniper. He has a dedicated Youtube channel where he teaches how to become a better player. He has a great collection of videos that can help you learn spraying, movements, and many more things. Snax is also an eSports player. He plays for TeamIND. So, whatever he teaches, comes from his experience.

You can also find several drills on his channels that you can do regularly and see the improvement in just 15 days. It is one of the must-follow Youtube channels if you seriously wish to learn.

3. Neyoo

Neyoo is the entry fragger for TSMEntity and is one of the best assaulters from India. He recently made a Youtube channel where he regularly posts tutorials and tips for squad gameplays. If you have a squad who lacks at winning the game, then you and your squadmates should definitely watch his videos.

Additionally, he also provides tips and drills to improve yourself. If you want to improve your gameplay drastically, watching Neyoo’s videos will help for sure.

4. GodNixon

GodNixon is not a competitive PUBGM player, he is a content creator who regularly posts videos about PUBG Mobile tips and tricks. You can find various tips and tricks videos on his channel that can help you have an edge over the enemies. He also posts gameplay videos where he uses his tricks to kill the opponents. Watching these will help you astonish your enemies.

If you want to add versatile layers to your gameplay and style, you shouldn’t miss his videos.

5. Jonathan

Jonathan is known as the #1 Indian PUBG Mobile player. He currently plays for TSMEntity along with Neyoo. Jonathan has a very active Youtube channel where he posts videos about tips, drills, and gameplays to help you learn the game. He also streams his classic and custom matches on the channel.

You can watch the live stream and learn so many important things like movement, reflexes, and even game sense.

6. ClashUniverse

ClashUniverse is another PUBG Mobile content creator who posts great videos to learn the game. His videos usually include PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, Mythbusters, and tutorials. If you want to learn about new things, new tricks, and new spots, you should never miss his videos.

Just like GodNixon, he also sometimes post gameplay videos where he applies what he teaches. So, you can watch the videos and learn to surprise your enemies like him.

7. Mortal

Mortal doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to PUBG Mobile in India. He has become synonymous to the game. If you are a PUBG Mobile player, then you must subscribe to Mortal and watch his videos and live streams. There are so many things you can learn from him. The most important thing you can learn from his channel is ‘game sense.’ He is one of the most intelligent players out there.

If you want to play the game with better tactics and strategies, you must watch and learn from Mortal.

8. Casetoo

Casetoo is one more PUBG Mobile player from whom you can learn so many things about the game. His channel has some amazing tips and tricks videos that are best for the beginners. He regularly posts full gameplay videos that you can watch to become a better player. His videos often feature newbie players making very common mistakes. You can watch them, note them, and make sure that you don’t do them while playing.

He often explains about his guns, strategies, and many other things that will help you to improve.

9. Android Gamer

Android Gamer is a popular Youtube channel specially dedicated to teaching PUBG Mobile. You can find many informative videos on the channel explaining what you shall do to win the game. You can find tips, tricks, tutorials, MythBusters, drills, and many other videos to learn the game.

If you want to learn the basic as well as advanced tactics of the game, you must watch their videos.

10. GamingProOcean

GamingProOcean is the Youtube channel of the popular Indian PUBG Mobile caster Ocean Sharma. On his Youtube channel, he regularly posts videos related to PUBG Mobile where he explains the game mechanics, features, and other things. Watching his videos, you can understand the game better and be a better player.

He also explains the new features of the game after every update. So, if you want to become a player who knows the game, this channel is a must-subscribe for you.

Bonus List: All Wonderful Youtube Channels to Learn PUBG Mobile

Here is a complete list of all the Youtube channels that you must subscribe to, and watch regularly to become a pro at the game.

  1. Scout
  2. Snax
  3. Neyoo
  4. GodNixon
  5. Jonathan
  6. ClashUniverse
  7. Android Gamers
  8. Mortal
  9. Casetoo
  10. GamingProOcean
  11. Maxtern
  12. BlackReaper
  13. DaljitSK
  14. ShockWave
  15. GyroGod
  16. Akshu Gaming
  17. MaxKash Gaming
  18. Ghastly
  19. KingAnBru
  20. ParitoshPlays
  21. Cool Gamers

One more tip I’d like to give is that you should also follow the best eSports player on Instagram. There are many good players who don’t have a Youtube channel but post great tips on their Instagram account. We’ll try to cover them in our next post.

Final Take

PUBG Mobile is a highly addictive game, only when you know how to play it right. These are the best Youtube channels to learn PUBG Mobile that you can use to become a better player. One thing you should always remember is that no matter how good one teaches, your progress depends upon your experience and adaptation. So, play more, apply the lessons, and be the #1/100.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. If you want to share some PUBG Mobile tips with us, feel free to drop them in the comments.