WWE 2K22 Trailer Reveals New Details

WWE 2K22: In the last year, we’ve known WWE 2K22 was in development. 

Many people believed that it would be released in the fall as the most recent WWE game; however, it did not. 

Instead, the game was delayed until March. 

As the date for its release draws near, we will discover more information concerning the title. 

Certain details were released a few days ago on Twitter, but, on top of the leaked information, We now have more details regarding WWE 2K22.

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2K Steps Into the Ring Once Again

The day before, 2K showed off the official cover art of Rey Mysterio as well as the trailer that features streaming artist TimTheTatman engaging with various WWE stars.

 Fans with keen eyes could see details in the trailer that might have been overlooked. 

There is a video of Kane hitting Bobby Lashley with a chokehold outside the arena in the trailer. 

A Reddit user has pointed out that the face of Lashley is, bruised, which suggests that the match could cause visible scarring or injuries to enhance the realistic nature of the game.

Other information that fans were interested in was the lists of general managers available in the brand new MyGM mode and a change person option when creating a wrestler mode.

Alongside the trailer, new images were released to showcase the updated graphics. 2K developers also conducted an interview in which they provided additional details on 2K22.

Talking to Vybe, The developers have revealed their story-based mode MyRise is 50 hours long to finish if users try to complete both male and female stories.

They also announced that the camera had been upgraded to provide better angles that make entrances appear cinematic and cross-platform integration with Community Creations.