Is Windows 11 Releasing in 2021? [Truth Explained]

It has been around 5 years since Microsoft released Windows 10. The fans are now awaiting the next Windows edition, which they call Windows 11. However, there are only speculations, leaks, and rumors about it available. Microsoft hasn’t broken a word whether it will be available or not and if it will, then when will it come.

To find the truth about it, we went through a very long list of Microsoft forums, threads, and unofficial websites. We also watched the prominent Microsoft Executive’s interviews from biggest tech events to find if they’d dropped a hint. In this post, we will share all our findings of the Release of Windows 11.

What is Windows 11?

Microsoft Windows is the most popular and most used operating system of all time. There have been various versions of Windows throughout history. The first Windows version was Windows 1.0 which was released on 20th November 1985. And, the latest is Windows 10, which was released on 29th July 2015. Amidst the journey of approximately 35 years, we have seen a long list of Windows versions.

Windows 11 is the expected next version in the Windows operating system series by Microsoft. Users speculate it to be more than just an upgrade to Windows 10. It is expected to work on a whole different concept. According to the speculations, Windows 11 is going to be the most comprehensive, modern, and seamless OS available.

With Windows 11, Microsoft is rumored to launch a personalized OS available for all types of devices. The ‘Main’ version will work on computers and laptops, while the ‘Lite’ version will work on smartphones, tablets, and other smaller devices.

Will Microsoft Release Windows 11?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question would be a “NO.” According to the current situations and taking Microsoft’s approach to keeping Windows as a ‘Service,‘ we can’t expect to witness the release of  Windows 11 anytime soon. During the Ignite Tech Conference in 2015, Jerry Nixon, Microsoft’s developer evangelist, explained that they are releasing Windows 10 as the last version of Windows.

That’s why they took a lot of time in developing it on a fresh concept. They’d be now going on an Apple-like concept of releasing subsequent updates to the OS. Under this strategy, they’ll deliver regular improvements, enhancements, optimizations, and fixes through regular software updates. Users will not have to wait for an entirely new and different version of the desktop OS every few years.

It has been around 5 years, and his statements have proved to be true. Microsoft is releasing regular updates to Windows every month with 2 major updates per year. So, we can conclude that Windows 11 will not come, at least for the foreseeable future. Their plan is to continue “Windows as a Service.”

So, there will be no more Windows versions?

By the above information, one could interpret that Microsoft is killing Windows. However, the reality is different. They are not killing Windows, they have just evolved the system to make it work as a service. They have just dropped the idea of ‘Windows version numbers.’ We don’t know if they’ll ever bring it back.

However, no one knows what the future holds. So, there are slight chances that we could be seeing another Windows version down the line. If and when it comes, it is going to be completely different than all the available Windows versions. Maybe they’ll release with a yearly subscription or maybe they’ll make it completely digital. We can only speculate.

Are the Websites Offering Windows 11 Fake?

If you’ll look online to download Windows 11, you’d see a lot of Websites offering it for free along with the installation guides. But, Microsoft hasn’t even announced it yet, let go of the release. All such websites offering you Windows 11 are fake and mere clickbait.


You shouldn’t fall for them. If you’d look closely, some of them are only pranks to make a fool out of you.


While some websites have gone to the limits and have released their list of Windows 11 features.


However, they aren’t real. They are solely based on their speculations and overall expectations. So, if you see such sites, don’t fall for them. If Microsoft ever announces another Windows version, the hype would be so huge that you will automatically know about it.

Expected Windows 11 Features & Changes

Here are the speculations and expectations about the Windows 11 features and changes, or whatever the next Windows version will be:

  • Return of the ‘Start’ button– The removal of the ‘Start’ button from Windows 10 was criticized a lot. Microsoft could plan to make the users happy with its return.

  • Improved Cortana– Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, could experience major changes to make it smarter and better.
  • A 64-bit exclusive system– Microsoft could finally move to the only 64-bit environment by not releasing it in a 32-bit version.
  • Fixing Driver Issues through Device Manager– Drivers have troubled a lot of users. Microsoft knows this and they could integrate the repair facility in the Device Manager.
  • A new UI– Microsft is known to provide drastic user interface changes in every next version. So, this would follow.

  • Major improvements- They could improve security, management, gesture suggestions, and integrations with the cloud.

These are the major expectations that the next Windows version should serve.

Expected System Requirements for the Next Windows Version

With Windows 10, Microsoft released a new system where older version users could just upgrade to Windows 10 via the Update Center. We can expect that it’ll be the same in the next version as well. Or, if they release an entirely different OS, then the purchase will be separate. As for the system requirements, here are the specifications we can expect for it:

  • CPU: 1 GHz or Faster Processor or SoC
  • RAM: 1GB for 32 bit/ 2GB for 64 bit
  • Storage: 16 GB for 32 bit/ 20 GB for 64 bit
  • Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 or more

If you meet these, you’d be able to use the latest Windows version. However, if you are using an ancient PC, then you’d have to make an upgrade.

Final Verdict

Since Microsoft has released Windows 10 as their last version, we can’t expect the release of Windows 11 in the foreseeable future. This is because they have decided to continue ‘Windows as a service.’ So, they’ll just release regular updates every now and then, instead of releasing a completely different version in a few years. If you find any website claiming to provide Windows 11, stay away from them. They are fake.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your opinions about if you want Windows 11, and what changes would you like to see in it.